Free SAT Practice Tests: Rev Up Your SAT Score

How would you score if you took the SAT today?

Maybe you’ve been prepping for a couple of months, or maybe you’ve yet to dive into a full SAT practice test or other SAT test prep options. Don’t worry—online practice tests are designed to help you predict what your score would be on a real exam so you can know what to focus on. By becoming familiar with what to expect on SAT Test Day, you can raise your confidence—and your score.

Take the SAT TurboTest as a free online practice test

Understanding your score is one of the best ways to start raising your score. The SAT TurboTest serves as a diagnostic practice test that can help you gauge where you stand relative to your target schools’ score ranges.

Think of the free TurboTest as a sample SAT practice test that takes less than half the time of the real test but still gives you a good idea of what to expect. This can help guide the rest of your SAT test prep.

What can you expect to see on the SAT Turbo Test?

The SAT TurboTest is a self-paced SAT practice test that is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. The practice test has three 30-minute sections that will test you on math, critical reading, and writing—just like the real SAT.

In this free online SAT practice test, there will be 15 math questions, 30 critical reading questions, and 26 writing questions. Every question comes with the correct answer explanation to help you anticipate what the real SAT will ask of you.

With the SAT TurboTest, you will:

  • Get a prediction of your full SAT score in under 90 minutes
  • Review your score by section to help you guide your SAT test prep for the official test

Get started with your free, on-demand SAT TurboTest here

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