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Pick up time-tested strategies to help you score high (hint: the full course has loads of them).

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Learn it. Drill it. Prove it. 

Learn skills in 10-15 minutes with conversational and current videos. Then, drill your microskills through practice. Finally, you'll be able to prove what you know using whichever strategy works for you. This 3-pronged system leads to mastery in as little as one hour.

Take a deep breath

Test prep doesn’t have to be so stiff. Stay focused and present with breathing exercises and mindfulness breaks. These breathers incorporate the proven principles of social and emotional learning into test prep.

Learn the material. For real.

Each of our expert teachers uses their own unique approach. These lessons show a lot of ways to get the right answer. Multiple strategy options mean you can remember the one that works for you (not just the standard approach).