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Live streaming SAT prep from the best instructors in the country—a Kaplan exclusive.

Learning has evolved. So why is it so hard to get a modern prep experience where and when you want it? Enter The SAT Channel. Built on decades of research and backed by a team of learning engineers, it puts you at the center of the prep process.

When you enroll today, you can start watching tonight.

Flexible hours
and more of them

Students shouldn’t “run out” of prep. That’s why the combination of a Kaplan course and The SAT Channel offers more hours of live instruction than any major prep provider.

With live, scheduled programming and every episode available on demand, you never have to miss a beat.

One channel,
many episodes

Are you an expert at math, but need to focus on reading? Is your vocab top notch, but your algebra behind? Jump into episodes engineered for your learning level.

Learn from your mistakes in targeted review sessions. As you improve, up the challenge.

Browse by topic, instructor, or difficulty.

Here is a sample of the episodes you can choose:

Math: Advanced Concepts & Review
Review advanced topics covered on the SAT Math Test.
Download a follow-along PDF
Supercharging Your Practice
Reap the benefits of reviewing your work so you don't repeat mistakes on Test Day.
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SAT Mindset Training
Learn about the “growth mindset” learning approach, and find out how it can help you set expectations when prepping.
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Reading for Points on Test Day
Learn how to read passages critically and efficiently to optimize your score on the SAT Reading Test.
Download a follow-along PDF
The Tough Stuff: Math and Verbal Review
Identify and efficiently attack the most challenging Math and Verbal questions from your Practice Tests.
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Creating Your Perfect Study Plan
Learn how to create a study schedule based on the amount of time you have and your academic needs.
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Meet the Prep Squad

No matter your schedule, location, or learning level, you'll learn from a top-rated teacher—our best in the country.

Here are some of them: