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Live Online

With Unlimited Prep, you can sign up for any of our PSAT, SAT, and ACT Live Online classes or SAT In Person classes in select areas where available. Unlimited Prep does not include access to any SAT or ACT PLUS courses. Students can enroll in only one prep course at a time. Live Online classes meet in a virtual classroom over the internet at a scheduled time and are led by a teacher. There are also polls and live chat with teaching' assistants for individualized support.


You can enroll in our PSAT, SAT, and ACT Self-Paced programs as well—perfect for students who are too busy for scheduled class sessions. Lessons on demand can be accessed anytime and from anywhere you have an internet connection. The courses feature instructional videos, guided practice with hints, and timed quizzes, as well as full-length practice tests.

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Important note: please choose only one course per test at a time. For example, you might be enrolled in an ACT course and an SAT course simultaneously, but you should not be enrolled in two ACT courses simultaneously. If you pick more than one course running simultaneously for a single test, we will enroll you in whichever course you chose first. Your access these classes allows you to make up individual sessions in other class schedules without registering for the entire class and access lessons on demand at any time. And don’t worry – if you fall behind in a class, you can always take it again.