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SHSAT On Demand Practice Test | Free

Find out how they'd score—before it really counts—with our free SHSAT practice test. Here's why our practice test is the perfect place to start:

  • They'll get comfortable taking both the ELA and math sections.
  • Answering SHSAT-style questions ensures that there won't be any big "surprises" on test day.
  • Getting a baseline score (and score report) will help them tailor their prep to their needs.

Why Prep with Kaplan?


Kaplan's comprehensive courses are research-based and specifically designed to help students score higher on the test.


Our founder, Stanley H. Kaplan, invented the test prep industry in Brooklyn over 75 years ago.


We focus on teaching your child strategies while also reviewing content on the test.


We maximize your child’s time with the right strategies—not memorization and drill techniques.


We understand a high score can change the trajectory of your child’s education.

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The best guarantee is one you won’t need. But you get it anyway.

Score higher with Kaplan,
or get your money back.