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How to Study the Week Before the NCLEX

Preparing for NCLEX can be a daunting task. With NCLEX only a week away, it may be challenging to maintain the study momentum you had when you first began studying. But, you’re approaching the finish line and can’t stop now! Hopefully you have been committed to a study plan in the weeks prior. With one […]

Should I Take the SAT Essay?

The SAT Essay has changed in recent years. When it was first added to the general SAT in 2005, it was an opinion-based essay. However, when the SAT changed in 2016, the SAT became an analytical essay. In the current version of the SAT, students are given a source text and asked to provide an […]

How Long Should I Study for the SAT?

The SAT is just one of the many things that high school juniors and seniors have on their plates. Along with completing schoolwork and being involved in extracurriculars, students have to set aside time to prepare for the SAT. As SAT experts, the question Kaplan hears the most from our students is, “How long should I […]

Seven Tips for Succeeding in Medical School

Congratulations! You’re on the path to medical school. You’re about to start one of the most challenging–and rewarding–times of your life. Here are a few tips that might help you succeed in medical school.   This has been a big lesson for me as I have moved through my first few years of medical school. […]

Pre-Med: Does Research Experience Matter?

As a pre-med, there is an expectation that you will pursue a medical research internship at some point during your undergraduate career or before applying to medical school. Among the many medical internships available to undergraduates, research experience on campus, typically in a wet lab, are some of the most sought-after. More than that, most […]