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SSAT Analogy Practice Questions

Now that you’ve learned some strategies for the analogy section of the SSAT, take a look at some techniques for guessing and try your hand at some practice questions! What if you reach the point where you can’t figure out the bridge for the stem words, you can’t rule out wrong answer choices, and you want […]

The SSAT: Analogies

Analogies may seem frightening because they look pretty weird at first glance. You’ll feel better about them as soon as you realize that you speak and think in analogies all the time. Anytime you say, “My sister is like a slug,” you’re drawing an analogy between your sister and slugs—perhaps your sister is as gross […]

SSAT Synonym Practice Questions

Now that you’ve learned some of the strategies for the synonym section of the SSAT, try your hand at a few synonym practice questions to test your readiness! But before you jump in, remember the Kaplan 3-Step Method for synonyms: Step 1: Define the stem word Step 2: Find the answer choice that best fits […]

The SSAT: Synonyms

Synonyms appear on all levels of the SSAT. At its most basic level, a synonym is a word that is similar in meaning to another defined word. Fast is a synonym for quick. OK, that makes sense. Unfortunately, if synonyms were that easy on the SSAT, the test wouldn’t tell admissions officers very much.   […]

Best 10 Law Schools for Health Care Law

Health care law is one of the fastest-growing fields encompassing a range of issues from medical malpractice to bioethics to public health. The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated in the world, and healthcare reform has been a dominating issue in the national political landscape. Law school courses in health care law train […]

How is the SSAT Scored?

The first thing you might notice with respect to grades is that students from other class years are taking the same test as you. Not to worry! You are graded according to your age. In other words, if you’re in 9th grade, you aren’t expected to get as many questions right as someone in 11th […]

How to Deal with the Challenges of Medical School

My med school class is a crowd of 148 of some of the most brilliant and dedicated people I’ve ever met. Nonetheless, I’ve yet to hear any of my classmates (or myself) discount how tough med school can be. You’re expected to create a working knowledge of all 11 major organ systems, related pharmacology, and […]

Types of Medical School Exams

It’s not uncommon for incoming medical students to worry about the different types of exams they’ll need to take in med school. They’re probably different from tests you took in your undergrad, and the stakes are higher. Keep reading and we’ll discuss a few of the tests you’ll encounter in med school, as well as key […]

What’s Tested on the Praxis Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Exam?

Are you studying for the Praxis? The Praxis Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Test is designed to test the knowledge and skills necessary for a teacher of the elementary grades with a focus on, unsurprisingly, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The test consists of 120 multiple-choice questions that assess a prospective teacher’s understanding of various […]