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LSAT Prep at The University of Florida

If you’re considering going to law school, chances are you will need to take the LSAT. The LSAT is valid for 5 years, so even if you are thinking about taking some time in between college and law school, you may want to take the LSAT now, taking advantage of being in study mode before […]

Top 10 Law Schools: Tax Law

A firm grounding in tax law is essential for many disparate legal career paths. If you’re already considering specializing in tax law, keep these schools top of mind when considering where to apply for law school. Some schools offer the opportunity to complete a joint JD/LLM degree in taxation. Here are the law schools with […]

University of Michigan Medical School Requirements, Tuition, and More

We’re covering everything you need to know as you consider applying to The University of Michigan Medical School. You’ll learn about acceptance rates, application deadlines, average MCAT scores, tuition, curriculum, and more. [ RELATED: MCAT Prep Courses Near Ann Arbor, MI ]   The University of Michigan Medical School, commonly referred to as UMMS or U-M Medical […]

Top Tips to Win College Scholarships

Paying for college might be one of the most confusing and frightening parts of applying. In addition to filling out the FAFSA, which will help you to secure financial aid, you may decide to look at scholarships. Remember financial aid largely depends on your family’s income and other factors, but many scholarships are awarded based […]

Medical School Application Fee Assistance

The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) has a Fee Assistance Program available to prospective medical school students who can’t cover all the costs of applying to medical school on their own. If you think you fall into that category, read on; you may be eligible for the AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program.    Applying to […]

SSAT Analogy Practice Questions

Now that you’ve learned some strategies for the analogy section of the SSAT, take a look at some techniques for guessing and try your hand at some practice questions! What if you reach the point where you can’t figure out the bridge for the stem words, you can’t rule out wrong answer choices, and you want […]

The SSAT: Analogies

Analogies may seem frightening because they look pretty weird at first glance. You’ll feel better about them as soon as you realize that you speak and think in analogies all the time. Anytime you say, “My sister is like a slug,” you’re drawing an analogy between your sister and slugs—perhaps your sister is as gross […]

SSAT Synonym Practice Questions

Now that you’ve learned some of the strategies for the synonym section of the SSAT, try your hand at a few synonym practice questions to test your readiness! But before you jump in, remember the Kaplan 3-Step Method for synonyms: Step 1: Define the stem word Step 2: Find the answer choice that best fits […]

The SSAT: Synonyms

Synonyms appear on all levels of the SSAT. At its most basic level, a synonym is a word that is similar in meaning to another defined word. Fast is a synonym for quick. OK, that makes sense. Unfortunately, if synonyms were that easy on the SSAT, the test wouldn’t tell admissions officers very much.   […]