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What’s on the HiSET: Science

The HiSET Science Test assesses your ability to understand, interpret, and apply scientific information. You will have 80 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. Each question will assess both your familiarity with a content area and your ability to perform a skill related to understanding and interpreting scientific information.   Life Science (50%) topics may […]

What’s on the HiSET: Social Studies

The HiSET: Social Studies Test evaluates your ability to understand, interpret, and apply information. You will have 70 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions.   Civics and Government (38%) topics may include the civic ideals of a democratic society; the practice, role, and meaning of informed citizenship; concepts of power and authority; the characteristics of […]

What’s on the HiSET: Math

The HiSET Mathematics Test assesses your ability to reason with numbers. You will have 90 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions that will target skills such as: Performing number operations to solve problems Solving word problems Understanding proportions and percentages Interpreting graphic representations of data Finding averages Understanding and performing operations with algebraic expressions Solving […]

What’s on the HiSET: Language Arts

  The HiSET® Reading Test assesses your ability to understand and analyze written passages. You will read a passage and then answer several questions about it. You will have 65 minutes to answer approximately 40 questions. All Reading questions will be multiple choice. Forty percent of the Reading Test will cover informational content. Questions in […]

Best 10 Law Schools for Health Care Law

Health care law is one of the fastest-growing fields encompassing a range of issues from medical malpractice to bioethics to public health. The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated in the world, and healthcare reform has been a dominating issue in the national political landscape. Law school courses in health care law train […]

Paper- vs. Computer-Based HiSET

  You can take the HiSET exam in a paper-based format. You will be given an answer sheet to fill in; this will be a page with circles, or bubbles, for the answer choices for each question. You will fill in the bubble corresponding to the answer choice you think is correct, using a no. […]

What’s Tested on the HiSET?

HiSET stands for “High School Equivalency Test.” The HiSET exam measures whether you have achieved a level of academic accomplishment equivalent to having graduated from high school. Visit the HiSET website to be sure the HiSET exam is offered in your state or jurisdiction. You should also review the eligibility requirements for your state or […]

How is the SSAT Scored?

The first thing you might notice with respect to grades is that students from other class years are taking the same test as you. Not to worry! You are graded according to your age. In other words, if you’re in 9th grade, you aren’t expected to get as many questions right as someone in 11th […]

How to Deal with the Challenges of Medical School

My med school class is a crowd of 148 of some of the most brilliant and dedicated people I’ve ever met. Nonetheless, I’ve yet to hear any of my classmates (or myself) discount how tough med school can be. You’re expected to create a working knowledge of all 11 major organ systems, related pharmacology, and […]

Types of Medical School Exams

It’s not uncommon for incoming medical students to worry about the different types of exams they’ll need to take in med school. They’re probably different from tests you took in your undergrad, and the stakes are higher. Keep reading and we’ll discuss a few of the tests you’ll encounter in med school, as well as key […]