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What’s Tested on the Praxis Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Exam?

Are you studying for the Praxis? The Praxis Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Test is designed to test the knowledge and skills necessary for a teacher of the elementary grades with a focus on, unsurprisingly, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The test consists of 120 multiple-choice questions that assess a prospective teacher’s understanding of various […]

SAT Scores Needed for Top Liberal Arts Colleges

Top liberal arts colleges may not offer the same name recognition as Ivy Leagues or other top universities like Stanford or MIT, but they do give students a similarly excellent education. There are a few ways in which liberal arts colleges and big universities differ in how they approach education.  First, liberal arts colleges are […]

Police Psychological Exam and Polygraph Test

Other than the physical fitness exam, police applicants will have to take a psychological exam and a polygraph test.   In general, people tend to get nervous at the mention of “psychological” anything, but there’s really no point in getting wound up about this portion of the application process. Actually, this might be one of […]

What’s Tested on the Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Test?

The Praxis Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Test is designed to test the knowledge and skills necessary to teach in the elementary grades, with a focus on the major content areas. A scientific calculator is provided.   The Reading/Language Arts section of the test covers the fundamentals of reading, writing, and communication skills. You will need […]

What’s Tested on the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Test?

The Praxis PLT tests focus on the basic principles of learning and teaching that are essential for running a classroom. These principles are drawn from the theoretical foundations provided by key educational theorists and developmental psychologists.   The following tables show you what to expect from the Principles of Learning and Teaching test. The four […]

What’s Tested on the Praxis Mathematics Test?

Few people are neutral on the subject of mathematics. Math tests generate strong reactions, both from students in school and from Praxis test takers. Whether you are looking forward to the Praxis Core Mathematics Test or dreading it, there is good news: becoming familiar with the test’s structure and format, along with doing some solid […]

MCAT Accommodations: What You Need to Know

MCAT test day is stressful. For those of us with disabilities, physical impairments, or other health-related challenges, it can be even more daunting. The AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges), administrator of the MCAT, provides a variety of accommodations you can request to ensure that you have a fair experience with the MCAT. It’s helpful […]

Top 12 Common Errors on the Praxis Writing Test

It may seem like there are many things to think about during the selected-response portion of the Writing test, but many of the questions can be categorized according to a few common types of errors. Familiarizing yourself with the most common error types will help you achieve test day success. [ GOOD TO KNOW: Praxis Essay Scoring […]

What’s Tested on the Praxis Writing Test?

The Praxis Core Writing test consists of two types of sections that test two very different kinds of writing skills. The first section tests your ability to read sentences, locating and correcting grammatical errors. This is followed by two essay sections, which will test your ability to write a clear, coherent essay in a limited […]

What’s Tested on the Praxis Reading Test?

Reading comprehension tests are the “bread and butter” of standardized tests, and the Praxis Core is no exception. According to ETS, the Praxis Core Reading test measures “academic skills in reading needed to prepare successfully for a career in education.” That sounds straightforward enough. But success on this test is about more than just reading […]