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How to Make Deductions on LSAT Logic Games

When we hear the words “deductive reasoning” and “logic”, the LSAT immediately comes to mind. Five major types of deductions for the LSAT Logic Games make up the BLEND method for deductions.   When one or more entities in an LSAT Logic Game work together, there is a huge opportunity to make a deduction.  A […]

LSAT Logical Reasoning Practice Questions: Argument Flaws

Let’s take a close look at three actual LSAT logical reasoning questions from LSAC PrepTest 19. Try each question on your own, and then check out the explanations from Kaplan’s test experts and see if your thought process matched ours. The questions are copyrighted property of the LSAC. Without further ado:   By checking the stem first, you know […]

Guide to LSAT Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension section on the LSAT may be difficult for some. This guide will help those struggling or trying to increase their RC score by breaking down the Kaplan Method for Reading Comprehension and looking at the various question types you will encounter.   Roadmap by circling structural keywords and jotting brief notes in the margin. […]

Guide to LSAT Logical Reasoning

LSAT preparation is a tough process, and making the commitment is an impressive decision when you have a job or school or a million other things you could be doing. As far as the nerves are concerned, we are going to try and cut down on that anxiety in a couple of ways. Logical Reasoning makes […]

How to Register for the OAT

The OAT is a computer-based test offered year-round. You should take the OAT after completing the prequisite coursework including classes in biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. If plan to take the OAT, you should register online at least 6-8 weeks prior to your desired test date to ensure proper accommodation at a Prometric Testing site. […]

Careers in Law: What Does a Litigator Do?

Litigators are what a lot of people picture when they think of the stereotypical attorney: a lawyer who spends a great deal of time in the courtroom and files lawsuits, lawsuits, lawsuits. But litigation is actually a huge legal field, comprising several different careers in law, and the job description of a litigator can vary widely. […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Lawyer?

As you start to explore careers in law for your future, you may find yourself asking some questions like these: What’s the job description of a lawyer? How do you become a lawyer? What type of person typically becomes a lawyer, and do you fit the bill? What are some of the different types of […]

DAT Scores and Strategies

Your DAT score is more than just a formality in the admissions process. Dental school admissions committees use your DAT score in conjunction with your academic record to assess whether you have the academic foundation upon which to build a successful dental career. Consequently, a high score on the DAT will have a direct, positive […]

Pre-Dental Planner: Junior Year

You may be living off campus but you still have to remember to stay on track! Don’t slack off now—you are halfway done with college but there is still much to do. Junior year is a great time to get more involved in dental activities outside of the classroom. Volunteer to work in a dental […]

Pre-Dental Planner: Sophomore Year

Congrats, you survived your freshman year (and more surprisingly, dining hall food). Now it’s time to start getting your act together. You may gain some advantages (especially socially) by being a sophomore, but you also lose the ability to get away with “freshman mistakes.” Professors are generally more understanding toward first year students. By your second […]