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PCAT Timing Strategies

For complete PCAT success, you must answer as many questions correctly as possible in the time allotted. Knowing the content and question strategies is important but not enough; you also must hone your time-management skills so you have the opportunity to use those strategies on as many questions as possible. It’s one thing to answer […]

PCAT Critical Reading

The Critical Reading portion of the exam contains six short passages consisting of four to seven paragraphs and 500–600 words. Each passage pertains to natural science, social science, humanities, health, nutrition, medicine, or technology and an ethical, social, cultural, or political issue that affects it, either theoretically or in practice. The intent of the author […]

PCAT Writing Section

The Writing section of the test is your chance to demonstrate how adept you are at conveying a point clearly and concisely in essay form. Essays are assigned a score by two graders, each from 1–6, with 6 representing the highest score possible for a superior essay. Scores of 0 (invalid) are assigned to writing […]

PCAT Question Strategies

Even someone with perfect knowledge of all the science and math on the PCAT is unlikely to achieve a perfect score without adequate test strategies. Understanding the PCAT question formats and having a clear plan for how to tackle each question while finishing every section on time can be just as important as content knowledge. […]

Is the LSAT Required for Law School?

You’re thinking about going to law school? Great! So, how do you do it? You compile your undergraduate transcripts, get letters of recommendation, write a personal statement, and of course, prep for and take the LSAT – the Law School Admission Test. It’s a simple as that, right? Well, the tried-and-true process that law schools […]

ERAS Timeline: What Residency Applicants Need to Know

As an IMG, you’ll want to use the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to streamline the residency application process. It offers a centralized but flexible solution for building and delivering your application and supporting materials individually or as a package. Since the application process takes a number of months and starts as early as the fall of […]

Residency Roadmap

Matching to a residency program doesn’t happen in a day. Follow this map to find your way to success:   June-December Apply for ECFMG authorization to register for the USMLE. Become familiar with and begin the process for certification including medical diploma verification. January-March What type of doctor will you be?  Research specialties and programs. Consider where you […]

Studying for the Step 2 CK

The USMLE Step 2 CK almost seems like an afterthought in the wake of the monolith that was Step 1. No doubt, we all remember studying for weeks on end, memorizing countless minutiae from our pre-clinical years, and that final feeling of relief upon leaving the testing center. In some ways, the Step 2 CK is an […]

Residency Applications: Submitting Your Medical School Transcripts

As an international medical graduate (IMG), one of the supporting documents you’ll need to submit with your residency application is your medical school transcript, which shows your academic background. While the transcript may not be considered the most important part of the residency application, it can still help program directors learn about the subjects you studied in medical […]

The Obstacles, Opportunities, and Opinions of Women in Medicine

Though about half of today’s medical students, residents, and physicians are female, women in medicine still face residual discrimination from their peers and patients. That said, women in medicine are revolutionizing the field in powerful ways, contributing their unique gifts and strengths to the advancement of healthcare. Whether or not you’re a female in medical […]