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SAT Reading Strategy: Passage or Questions First?

The SAT Reading section is a tough section for many. Reading strategies are necessary to ensure success on the section. One of the most common strategy questions is whether you should read the passage or question first. You can admit it. There was a time in your life when you found reading to be enjoyable . […]

What’s Tested on the TEAS: Reading

Understanding written material will be critical to your success in a nursing or health science program and to your ability to care for clients as a health care professional. Whether reading a textbook, a patient’s chart, a healthcare facility’s policies, or research study results, you will need to be able to grasp an author’s main […]

SAT Math: Top 6 Tips for the No-Calculator Section

Over the years, you may have become accustomed to using a calculator to solve each and every math question. A straightforward calculation you could do in third grade, such as 7 x 12, may have you reaching for your calculator. After all, pushing just a few buttons on a calculator will get you to the […]

MBA Application Process

Future MBAs have a lot to keep track of when applying to business school, so we’re here to provide some straight talk on the issue of admissions rounds for business school—namely, whether applying in round one, round two, or round three is best for your particular strengths. Many MBA admissions officers will tell candidates that if […]

How Long Does It Take to Become a Doctor?

So now that you’ve chosen to pursue your dreams by becoming a physician, it’s useful to know when you can reap the benefits. While you’re thinking about getting into the best medical school possible and taking stock of your medical school requirements, you’ve probably already begun asking yourself, how long does it take to become a […]

How to Study for the LSAT in 1 Month

In order to study for the LSAT in a month and see a significant score improvement, you will need to use your time very efficiently. Maybe you registered for the test one month ago and got caught up in work, school, family, or other fun. Or maybe you just made the decision to apply to law school […]

When Should I Take the MCAT? An Ultimate Guide

There are 30 MCAT test dates to choose from in 2020. When deciding on an MCAT test date, consider the fact that you’ll need 3-5 months to study and that your MCAT scores should be ready by the time medical school applications open in June. Other factors include whether or not you want a weekend test […]

The Complete Guide to FAFSA and Financial Aid

You’re reaching the end of your high school journey and are beginning to applying to college—congrats on making it to this exciting part of your life! While you should absolutely enjoy this time, it is extremely important to make sure that you know what you’re doing during this extensive process. An often overlooked part of […]

What’s the Real Cost of Medical School?

Whether you are looking into which schools to apply for or have your acceptance letters back, you’ve no doubt got nothing but medical school admissions on the brain…but have you given enough thought to what happens once you actually get into the medical school of your dreams? You’ll invest a lot of money attending medical […]

NCLEX Question Strategies: Priority Questions

You will recognize priority questions on the NCLEX-RN® exam because they will ask you what is the “best,” “most important,” “first,” or “initial response” by the nurse. Take a look at this sample question.   As you read this question you are probably thinking, “All of these look right!” or “How can I decide what […]