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When Should I Take the MCAT (2021)?

There are 31 MCAT test dates to choose from in 2021. When deciding on an MCAT test date, consider the fact that you’ll need 3-5 months to study and that your MCAT scores should be ready by the time medical school applications open in June. Other factors include whether or not you want a weekend test […]

2019-2020 LSAT Test Changes

In October 2018, the Law School Admission Council made two announcements about 2019 LSAT test changes with the stated goal of modernizing law school admissions and easing the process of applying to law school for students taking the LSAT in summer 2019 and beyond. [ GOOD TO KNOW: Top 4 Tips and Strategies for the Digital […]

What’s the Best GRE Prep?

GRE prep is just one part of your graduate school application process but you’ll spend as many as 10 hours per week over three months getting ready for Test Day. You’ll want to use that time wisely and invest in the best GRE prep available. Just like you researched the graduate schools and programs you’ll be […]

Shadowing Hours For Medical School Applications

One of the best ways to demonstrate your commitment to medicine in your application to medical school is by shadowing a doctor as a part of your clinical experience. Although it’s not a requirement, shadowing will indicate that you’ve done the research to determine that a career in medicine is right for you. You’ll get […]

Medical School Interview Questions

Once you have reached the medical school interview stage, the academic credentials of the group are probably pretty comparable. The quality of your interview may make the difference. Remember, once granted an interview, your fate is in your own hands. So by all means, be prepared. Many students go into their first few med school […]

MBA Applications: Timeline, Resume, and More

Future MBAs have a lot to keep track of when applying to business school, so we’re here to provide some straight talk on the issue of admissions rounds for business school—namely, whether applying in round one, round two, or round three is best for your particular strengths. Many MBA admissions officers will tell candidates that if […]

Is Medical School Right for Me?

Before you get too far in the medical school application process, ask yourself the following question: Why do you want to go to medical school? Although you’ve probably thought about this question before, take some more time now to consider your answer. Use the following guidelines to decide if your reasons for wanting to go […]

Medical School Requirements & Prerequisites

The key to medical school admissions success is careful planning based on correct information. Research the schools in which you are interested. What are their admissions requirements? Keep in close contact with your pre-med advisor. Are you taking the proper classes now? With thorough research and thoughtful questions, you will benefit from the great amount […]

PSAT Reading: Connections Questions

Before we jump into the specifics about inferring connections—explicit and implicit—let’s look at different kinds of connections that can exist in a PSAT Reading passage. Connections questions ask about how two events, characters, or ideas are related. The three most common connection types are:   Some Connections questions will ask about explicit information; the question […]

PSAT Reading: Command of Evidence Questions

A Command of Evidence question relies on your answer to the question that precedes it. These questions require you to identify the portion of the text that provides the best evidence for the conclusion you reached when selecting your answer to the previous question. Kaplan’s Strategy for Command of Evidence questions involves retracing your steps; […]