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PSAT Writing and Language: Organization

Organization questions require you to assess the logic and coherence of a Writing & Language passage. These questions differ in scope; you might be asked to organize the writing at the level of the sentence, the paragraph, or even the entire passage. There are two kinds of Organization questions:   Contrast Transitions Cause-and-Effect Transitions Continuation […]

PSAT Writing and Language: The Kaplan Method

The Kaplan Method for the PSAT Writing & Language test is the method you will use to boost your score on the Writing & Language Test. By understanding what the question is looking for, how it relates to the passage, and the questions you should ask yourself on Test Day, you will maximize the number […]

PSAT Writing and Language: Passage Types

You will see four Writing & Language passages on the PSAT, each of which will have 11 questions. Recognizing the text type of a Writing & Language passage helps you focus on the questions as they relate to the passage’s general purpose. Knowing the overarching aim of the passage will help you answer questions more […]

PSAT Writing and Language: Infographics

The PSAT Writing & Language Test will contain one or more passages that include infographics. Each infographic will convey or expand on information related to the passage. The Kaplan Method for Infographics has three steps: Step 1: Read the question Step 2: Examine the infographic Step 3: Predict and answer Let’s examine these steps a […]

The 3 Phases of Applying to Medical School

Becoming a doctor is something you’ve dreamed about for a long time, so it’s only natural you’d want everything to be perfect when you submit your application. That’s why we’re breaking down the MCAT application process into its three simple phases. While applying to medical school can be broken into three phases, it’s also a […]

How to Interpret Your ACT Scores

So you’ve just received your ACT test scores, but what does it all mean, and where do you go from here? Both great questions. Understanding your ACT test scores is an essential component of your college admissions process, since it helps you gauge your competitiveness as an applicant and determine next steps regarding ACT prep. […]

5 Reasons to Take an ACT Practice Exam

Most students never take a ACT practice exam. They just show up on Test Day and hope it goes well. Of course, you’re going to be a lot smarter than that. You’re going to take at least one practice test before the real day, and here are the top five reasons why:   The human brain is afraid of […]

LSAT Study Guide: Prep with Limited Time

While we recommend spending at least a month studying for the LSAT, we understand that’s not possible for everyone. If you’re down to your last week before the LSAT and you still have a significant amount of studying to do, check out our limited-time LSAT study plan and last-minute LSAT tips below. With at least some […]

Best Medical Specialties to Pursue

So you’re planning on going into the medical field? Advancements in technology create new specialties and treatment options. Medical practices are becoming more complex, requiring more administrative help—and that’s just the beginning. To help you figure out where you best fit into the medical mix, we put together experts’ predictions for the fastest growing healthcare […]

The IMG’s Guide to Finding U.S. Clinical Experience

United States clinical experience (USCE) plays a key role in the IMG’s road to residency. Clinical experience may help you: ask for and secure letters of recommendation, which are critical for most IMGs network and make a variety of connections learn more about technology and general U.S. culture Just as important, residency program directors are looking for […]