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AP U.S. History Stress Management

You can beat anxiety the same way you can beat the AP U.S. History exam—by knowing what to expect beforehand and developing strategies to deal with it.   Take a few minutes to think about what your sources of test-related stress are. The idea is to pin down any sources of anxiety so you can deal […]

Reading Strategies for the AP U.S. History Exam

Students new to AP history courses often struggle with the sheer amount of reading required to learn the material. Some instructors break the reading up into chunks of 10 to 15 pages a night, while others may assign an entire chapter in one sitting. Depending on your school schedule, the text you use, and the […]

How to Approach Document-Based AP U.S. History Questions

Question 1 in Section II of the AP US History Exam is the document-based question (DBQ). It will always include seven documents offering a variety of perspectives on a historical development or process that took place between the years 1754 and 1980. A high-scoring DBQ response will do the following. Thesis: Make a thesis or […]

Study Plans for the AP U.S. History Test

Studying for the AP U.S. History exam can seem daunting because of the sheer volume of material covered in a yearlong course. Whether you have taken the course over a semester or over two years, the exam measures your knowledge and skills in exactly the same way. It is only through the thorough study over […]

How to Approach the AP U.S. History Long Essay Question

The second part of Section II of the AP US History exam contains three long essay questions—you must respond to one. The long essay question assesses your ability to apply knowledge of history in a complex, analytical manner. In other words, you are expected to treat history and historical questions as a historian would. This […]

AP U.S. History: Short-Answer Questions

The short-answer part of the AP US History Exam, which appears after the multiple choice questions, consists of four questions—and you must answer three. Unlike the DBQ and LEQ later in the exam, your response to each short-answer question will be a brief, to-the-point answer to each question’s three required tasks. You should use complete […]

Should I Take the NCLEX Again?

Some people may never have to consider retaking the NCLEX, but it’s a certainty that others will. The most important advice we can give to repeat test takers is: Don’t despair. There is hope. We can get you through the NCLEX-RN® exam. RELATED: See what Kaplan educators are doing to help students achieve success when retaking […]

NCLEX Question Strategies: Communication Questions

Communication is emphasized on the NCLEX-RN® exam because it is critical to your success as a beginning practitioner. Therapeutic communication means listening to and understanding the client while promoting clarification and insight. It enables the nurse to form a working relationship with both the client and the health care team, using both verbal and nonverbal […]

NCLEX Question Strategies: Positioning Questions

Because many illnesses affect body alignment and mobility, you must be able to safely care for these clients in order to be an effective nurse. These topics are also important on the NCLEX- RN® exam. The successful test taker must correctly answer questions about impaired mobility and positioning. Immobility occurs when a client is unable […]

NCLEX Question Strategy: Management of Care Questions

Every three years, the National Council conducts a job analysis study to determine the activities required of a newly licensed registered nurse. Based on this study, the National Council adjusts the content of the test to accurately reflect what is happening in the workplace. This ensures that the NCLEX-RN® exam tests what is needed to […]