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GRE Reading Comprehension: Mastering the Passages

Each Verbal section on the GRE consists of two blocks of Reading Comprehension questions. Reading comprehension questions consists of either a long (2-3 paragraph) or short (1 paragraph) reading followed by several questions. Each block will have 4-5 questions. You should be aiming to spend 1-3 minutes reading and 1 minute answering the question. Both long […]

GRE Guide to Analogies

Proper test prep will show you that there are many analogy types on the GRE. All analogies test your ability to draw parallels between two words. However, you may notice that, even if the words are new, the relationships tend to repeat themselves. The more familiar you become with these stock relationships, the better. Let’s look […]

Sentence Completions: Contrast vs. Continuation

As you may have figured out, sentence completions do not only test you on vocabulary. While knowledge of vocabulary is necessary for these questions, logical reasoning is just as important. You must be able to recognize the logical direction of a sentence. In the end, then, words like “despite,” “because,” and “surprisingly” become as important […]

GMAT Sentence Correction: 8 Most Commonly Tested Errors

The GMAT Verbal section will test your knowledge of grammar with sentence correction questions. These questions will require you to correct punctuation usage, subject-verb agreement, structure, and more. Here are the 8 most common errors that you will see on GMAT sentence correction questions on test day.  

How to Master Reading Sections on a Computer-Adaptive Test

The GRE is a CAT, or a Computer-Adaptive Test. But on some sections, the computer is less an assistance than a hindrance. The older you are, the more likely it is that you spent your childhood, teen years, and even adulthood learning how to read in a paper-based world. Standardized testing, especially reading comprehension, is […]

GRE Verbal: Sentence Equivalence

On the GRE, approximately four of the test questions in the verbal section will be sentence equivalence questions. These sentences will look like the standard “fill in the blank” sentences, but there’s a twist: of the six answer choices provided, you have to choose TWO. Those choices, when plugged into the sentence, must create the […]

GRE Issue Writing Task: Use What You Know

Admittedly, the toughest part of the Issue Task is coming up with ideas that you’re confident in. You might think that, with the 200+ topics available, you’ll have to read an encyclopedia, scour the newspaper, dust off an old history book, and exhume those half-read classics from high school English. But the ETS doesn’t expect this […]

GRE Argument Writing Sample

After learning all the possible fallacies and how to spot them, it’s time to look at a real possible argument task. When I say “real,” I mean this could possibly be on your actual GRE, though the chances are very slim–approximately 1 out of 245. That statistic should not deter you, and you probably shouldn’t […]

Top 10 Tips for a Higher GRE Essay Score

The GRE currently requires two essays, the Issue and the Argument, both of which must be completed before the Quantitative and Verbal sections are attempted. These essays are not graded simply on content alone. Structure is important as well. The layout of the essay must be cogent and easy to follow. If you can demonstrate […]