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ACT English: Prepositions Usage

The ACT English section will sometimes test your knowledge of preposition usage; knowledge is the keyword here, since you really cannot reason your way through the intricacies of preposition usage. For this reason, we often refer to preposition questions as “idiom” questions; simply put, an idiom is a recognized grammatical construction that is a rule […]

GMAT Geometry Basics: Parallel Lines

We can say that two lines are “parallel” if they never intersect and get neither closer nor farther away from one another. || is the symbol for parallel lines. In coordinate geometry, parallel lines have the same slope, but different x-intercepts. Try this GMAT geometry practice question and test your skills today! Parallel lines can […]

GRE Reading Comprehension—Types of Questions and Tips

Reading comprehension questions on the GRE will ask you various details about long and short written passages.  For many people, the reading comprehension is the part of the test that they fear the most.  So you know what to expect on the reading comprehension portion of the test, look below to see the different types […]