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UC Admissions Guide: Top Application Tips

The University of California Application or UC Application is the common application for all 8 universities in the University of California system: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz. Whether you are applying to one UC university or all 8, you will complete a single UC application. All […]

Top Tips for College Financial Planning During High School

As your child enters high school, you’ve undoubtedly started to think about the costs of college. Figuring out how exactly to pay for college and navigate the financial aid system can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.  Keep reading for our top tips on how to take stock of your finances […]

How to Study for the ACT in 1 Month

With just one month to study for the ACT, you’ll want to be as organized as possible to make the most of your time. It’s ideal to spread your ACT prep over two or three months, but one month is still enough to see score gains. Here’s how to get it done. [ RELATED: ACT 3-Month Study […]

What’s the Best LSAT Prep?

There are many LSAT prep options out there and it can be difficult to decide which are right for you. To ensure you reach your target score, you’ll want to invest in the best LSAT prep available. Most people spend 150-300 hours studying for the LSAT over a period of two to three months. Everyone […]

Duke Medical School Requirements, Tuition, and More

We’re covering everything you need to know as you consider applying to the Duke University School of Medicine. You’ll learn about acceptance rates, application deadlines, average MCAT scores, tuition, curriculum, and more.   Duke University School of Medicine is located in Durham, North Carolina– a city aptly  referred to as the “City of Medicine.” Established […]

LSAT Logic Games Changes and Updates

The LSAT recently went digital and may be significantly changing once again. LSAT Logic Games—or the Analytical Reasoning section, as it’s formally called—may be completely eliminated or drastically altered in the next four years. Here’s what you need to know.   The potential changes are the result of a lawsuit filed by Angelo Binno and Shelesha […]

What’s the Best GMAT Prep?

Studying for the GMAT can seem like a daunting process, especially considering all of the prep options out there. To ensure you reach your target score, you’ll want to invest in the best GMAT prep available. Most people spend about three months studying for the GMAT. Everyone has different learning styles, and you know best […]


If you’re considering going to law school, chances are you will need to take the LSAT. The LSAT is valid for 5 years, so even if you are thinking about taking some time in between college and law school, you may want to take the LSAT now, taking advantage of being in study mode before […]

MCAT Prep at University of Florida

The AAMC recommends that students spend between 300 to 350 hours over several months preparing for the MCAT. When you take the MCAT is up to you. Consider the workload of the classes you’ll be taking in the 3-5 months leading up to the test, as well as any other commitments you’ll have that will […]