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What is the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE)?

One of the most common misconceptions held by new law students is that they can simply sit for something called the Multistate Bar Exam, and upon passing they will be able to practice law in all fifty states. This kind of misunderstanding is understandable considering the confusing moniker, but for most Bar takers, the Multistate […]

How to Write a Law School Personal Statement

Many prospective law students can feel overwhelmed when faced with the task of writing the law school personal statement, one of the most subjective pieces of your law school application. It is easy to feel torn between what you think law school admissions officers want to read, how to make yourself sound confident without coming across […]

6 Steps to Powerful Law School Recommendation Letters

Recommendation letters play an important role in the law school admissions process—and they’re also an application component that’s out of your control once an individual agrees to write one for you. So, what can you do to help ensure your recommenders present you in the most favorable way? Here are six steps to help secure […]

How to Design Your Own Logic Games

Analytical Reasoning, or logic games… you either love them or hate them. Fortunately for you, we at Kaplan LOVE them. Let’s explore another way to expand your LSAT Test Day preparation by designing your own logic games.   Designing your own games helps you better understand how the test maker thinks. You will face the […]

LSAT Logic Games: Process and Mapping Games

On the 2016 September and December administrations of the LSAT, test takers faced the unexpected: a very rare Process Game appeared in the scored Logic Games section. Along with Mapping Games, Process Games have been an extremely rare Logic Game type that was more prevalent in pre-2000 LSATs. What better way to stress you out […]

Careers in Law: Why Become a Health Care Lawyer?

Despite a sluggish legal job market in recent years, some fields are seeing more growth than others. Health law is one of those legal fields that continues to grow. Health law runs the gamut from interpreting new legislation for employers and providers, to representing clients who were denied Social Security benefits, to analyzing rapidly evolving topics […]

LSAT Inference Questions

Sometimes, LSAT Test Day can feel as if you’re tasked with reading the mind of the author of a Logical Reasoning (LR) stimulus or Reading Comprehension (RC) passage. For example, on a practice LSAT you will see an RC question worded in this way: “With which of the following would the author be most likely […]

9 Common LSAT Reading Comprehension Mistakes

The LSAT reading comprehension section often becomes a student favorite once they start their test prep. Why? It looks familiar. We’ve all read articles similar to the passages that appear in this section, most of us have taken tests with reading comp before, and many test takers perform well without much practice. Test takers also […]

Necessary vs. Sufficient LSAT Assumption Questions

LSAT assumption questions are the backbone of the Logical Reasoning section. The argument principles underlying assumption questions form the basis of the whole shebang. It makes sense then that getting really, really good at assumptions will get us to a very good place on Test Day. So it’s time to make an adjustment to your […]

How Many Hours of LSAT Prep Do I Need?

Everybody who has ever come near the LSAT has probably at least wondered, “How many hours will I have to study for the LSAT?” There’s a lot of different ways to answer that question—because everyone brings different needs to the table. Let’s approach the question by looking at what is true for most students staring […]