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PSAT Math: Advanced Functions

The ability to interpret the graph of a function will serve you well on Test Day. To interpret graphs of functions, you’ll need to utilize the same skills you use to interpret “regular” equations on the coordinate plane, so this material shouldn’t be completely foreign. You should know that a function is merely a dressed-up […]

PSAT Writing and Language Quiz: Effective Language Usage

Test your PSAT readiness by taking this PSAT Writing quiz? Reading the following passage and indicate what corrections, if any, should be made to each question’s corresponding number in the text. The North American suburb is an architectural and civic phenomenon distinct from suburban areas in any other part of the world. It was (1) a counterreaction to the need, especially […]

PSAT Math: Rational Expressions and Equations

A rational expression is simply a ratio (or fraction) of polynomials. In other words, it is a fraction with a polynomial as the numerator and another polynomial as the denominator. The rules that govern fractions and polynomials also govern rational expressions, so if you know these well, you’ll be in good shape when you encounter […]

PSAT Math: Functions

Functions act as rules that transform inputs into outputs, and they differ from equations in that each input must have only one corresponding output. For example, imagine a robot: Every time you give it an apple, it promptly cuts that apple into three slices. The following table summarizes the first few inputs and their corresponding […]

PSAT Math: Rates and Measurements

The PSAT Math Test contains multiple-choice and grid-in questions, as well as multi-part math question sets. These question sets have multiple parts that are based on the same scenario and may require more analysis and planning than a typical multiple-choice question. Let’s take a look at a way to help you answer these questions effectively: Now let’s walk you […]

PSAT Writing and Language: Verbs and Pronouns

On the PSAT Writing & Language Test, you will be asked to identify and replace unnecessary shifts in verb tense, mood, and voice. Because these shifts may occur within a single sentence or among different sentences, you will need to read around the underlined portion to identify the error.   In questions about shifts in […]

PSAT Math: Function Behavior and Transformations

When describing the graph of a function or an interval (a specific segment) of a function, the trend of the relationship between the x- and y- values while reading the graph from left to right is often important. Three terms you are sure to see in more difficult function questions are increasing, decreasing, and constant. Let’s […]

PSAT Math: Ratios and Proportions

Ratios and proportions are quite common in everyday life. Whether it’s making a double batch of meatballs or calculating the odds of winning the lottery, you’ll find that ratios and proportions are invaluable in myriad situations.   A ratio is a comparison of one quantity to another. When writing ratios, you can compare part of […]

PSAT Systems of Equations: Combination/Substitution

Now that you understand the requirements that must be satisfied to solve a system of equations, let’s look at some methods for solving these systems effectively. The two main methods for solving a system of linear equations are substitution and combination (sometimes referred to as elimination by addition). Substitution is the most straightforward method for solving systems, […]

What’s a good GMAT score?

What’s a good GMAT score? When considering your GMAT score goal, it’s always wise to look at the averages for the schools to which you’re applying, especially in 2020’s competitive admissions cycle. There are great resources like U.S. News and World Report where you can search for averages at a wide variety of schools. For starters, […]