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ACT Scores Needed for Top Colleges

Since the ACT is accepted by all 4-year universities in the United States, most college applicants take the ACT (either in addition to the SAT or on its own) as part of the college admissions process. Whether you’ve already taken the ACT and you have your scores back, or you’re about to take the ACT […]

How to Plan your ACT Prep

If attaining your target ACT score is the ultimate, final step of the journey that is taking the ACT, then the first step you will need to take is choosing your test date. While this may seem obvious, it’s an important step to focus on because when it comes to performing well on the ACT, […]

Top 4 Tips to Recover from Low ACT and SAT Scores

So, you are not quite satisfied with your ACT and SAT scores. First off, do not be discouraged. They are never the end-all be-all. Both of these exams test you on how well you take an exam, not overall intelligence. You may just need to brush up a little bit on your test-taking strategies. Especially if […]

5 Tips for Retaking the GRE

If you’re not completely satisfied with your GRE score—verbal or quantitative—you might consider taking the GRE again after some additional practice. While GRE practice is usually recommended, people often wonder if retaking the GRE after receiving a less-than-stellar score is really the best idea. While every applicant is unique and every grad school program has […]

Top 5 Tips for Reading Comprehension on the Digital LSAT

The LSAT’s Reading Comprehension section, with its dense passages drawn from the humanities, the social sciences, the biological and physical sciences, and areas related to the law, might be the most challenging section you’ll face on test day. As always, you won’t need prior knowledge of any of the topics you’ll encounter. All the knowledge […]

Top Tips for Logic Games on the Digital LSAT

LSAT Logic Games are often the most-feared question type on the exam. Already, the LSAT is unlike any test you’ll have taken in your undergraduate career, and Logic Games, or Analytical Reasoning, challenges your formal logic skills, as well as your ability to make deductions, eliminate assumptions, and more. Even so, there is a whole […]

Top 4 Tips for Logical Reasoning on the Digital LSAT

LSAT Logical Reasoning will always have two scored sections on the exam, making it an important section to master. On the digital LSAT, you’ll still have the same 35 minutes to get through 25 questions in each section. If math isn’t your strength, that’s about a minute and 15 seconds per question to read, predict […]

Best 10 Medical Schools for Anesthesiology

Before reading on about the best medical schools for anesthesiology, pre-meds should know that in medical school, students have the opportunity to rotate through several areas of medicine before committing to a specialty to match into for their residency. Anesthesiology is much more than asking patients to count back from 10 and putting them to […]

Digital LSAT 2019: Top 4 Tips and Strategies

The digital LSAT is a big departure for the exam and its first major change in decades. As one of the last remaining paper-based standardized tests, the LSAT is getting a digital facelift and moving from the paper booklets we’ve known forever to a digital and mobile interface, on a tablet. Just as important as […]