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Get ready to do your best on the PSAT with one-hour lessons taught by Kaplan’s highly-rated faculty. Our instructors cover the most important PSAT content, tackle practice problems, and answer student questions.

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Looking to see how you’d score on the PSAT? Put Kaplan’s strategies into action by applying what you’ve learned while answering realistic PSAT practice questions.

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Just getting started with the PSAT? Learn more about the exam structure and content. Then, use Kaplan’s guidance to develop your study plan as you preview and review lesson content online. Our mathreading, and writing and language lessons are available free to help raise your score.

PSAT Official Practice Test and Explanations

Identify your strengths and target your weaknesses on the PSAT with Kaplan’s test review guide. Our experts explain every question from the Official PSAT Practice Test with time-saving critical thinking strategies to boost your score.

PSAT Video Lessons



PSAT Equations and Word Problems

Dive into PSAT Prep Live with an introductory look at PSAT math.



PSAT Math Rules: Exponents, Functions and More

Break down the critical algebra and function rules that will help you confidently tackle exponents, radicals, and more.



PSAT Reading Strategies

Learn the key reading strategies that will change your approach and boost your score.



Common PSAT Reading Question Types

Prepare to collect maximum points on test day by mastering three of the most common Evidence-Based Reading question types.



PSAT Problem Solving: Rates, Ratios & More

Try your hand at tricky PSAT problems and discover strategies to help you along.



Advanced PSAT Math

Identify and attack the most challenging math questions on the PSAT. If you’re competing for a National Merit® scholarship, you can’t miss this lesson.



PSAT Writing & Language Strategies

Find out how to approach the Writing & Language section quickly and efficiently.



Advanced PSAT Verbal

Identify and attack the most challenging reading, writing, and language questions on the PSAT. If you’re competing for a National Merit® scholarship, you can’t miss this lesson.

PSAT Prep Expert Instructors

Boris Dvorkin

Boris scored in the 99th percentile on the PSAT, was a National Merit finalist, and went on to earn two degrees from Case Western Reserve University. Boris has since helped many students achieve their goals as a two-time Kaplan Teacher of the Year and is known for his sense of humor in the classroom. When Boris isn’t helping students tackle tests, he loves playing strategy board games.

Boris DvorkinInstructor, PSAT Prep Live
Stephanie Jolly

Stephanie earned National Merit Commendation for her performance on the PSAT and went on to earn a perfect score on SAT Math. Stephanie is one of Kaplan’s most highly-rated teachers and has taught a variety of subjects in the U.S., Oman, Qatar, and Mexico. Outside of the classroom, Stephanie is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to camp, hike, and garden.

Stephanie JollyInstructor, PSAT Prep Live