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Kaplan Nursing will help you succeed and pass the NCLEX-RN®! Start your preparation today with our free NCLEX® sample questions, NCLEX® practice tests, and strategy review class.

Free NCLEX-RN® Practice Questions


Want free NCLEX® review on the go? Test yourself by taking Kaplan's free quiz, complete with exam-like questions and explanations. Each quiz includes 5 free sample NCLEX® questions of a client need category.

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NCLEX Events

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The confidence

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We teach you exclusive, clinical reasoning skills that help you answer passing-level questions correctly and master the test.

Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive Review

We focus on content-in-context and passing level questions to give you everything you need to pass—the first time.

Realistic Practice

Realistic Practice

Our Qbank and Question Trainers emphasize alternate-item question types and give you realistic practice in an NCLEX®-style interface.

Pass Guarantee

Pass Guarantee

Our pass guarantee is designed to help you pass the NCLEX® exam and begin your life as a nurse as quickly as possible.

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