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CompletePrep Locations

Candidates may apply and study in one of Kaplan International English locations below while learning about dentistry in the United States.


Study in the artsy and trendy neighborhood of SoHo in Lower Manhattan.


Study in downtown Chicago, amidst the stunning architecture and vibrant central areas of the Windy City.

Study with Kaplan International English Includes:

  • Expert NBDE Part I and NBDE Part II preparation & practice with over 100 hours of dynamic, On Demand instruction.
  • High-Yield content review with teacher-led instruction by dental faculty experts.
  • NBDE Part I covers the basic sciences along with dental anatomy and occlusion. NBDE Part II covers clinical dental science and includes 10 detailed case studies complete with Radiographs and Dental Charting.
  • 2 full Qbanks of exam-like NBDE question for both practice and review with patient profiles and clinical cases.
  • Expert English language instruction, beginning with General English and then transitioning to TOEFL and Academic English preparation, designed to help you get a higher score on the TOEFL iBT® and strengthen the English skills you need to succeed in a dental residency program.
  • Personalized academic advising.

How it Works:

  • This opportunity is exclusively for the Saudi Arabian Scholarship students.
  • You must apply with Kaplan International English for a 12-month session and meet their admission requirements.
  • Kaplan Dental will provide access to Kaplan NBDE Prep for International Dentists during your enrollment with Kaplan International English.

Dates & Deadlines:

2018 start dates:

  • September 10
  • November 5
  • July 16

Interested students may complete the online form no later than 6-to-8 weeks in advance of program start date to allow for Visa and I-20 processing, in order to be considered for the 2017 program.

Complete Prep Requirements:

  • English preparation offered by Kaplan International and NBDE prep offered by Kaplan Test Prep.
  • Available to Saudi Arabian dental graduates who have a scholarship administered through the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission.
  • A completed online inquiry.
  • Valid TOEFL or IELTS score.
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