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On your pre-med path

Teaching for Kaplan is a great opportunity for current college students who have taken the MCAT.

You'll sharpen your science skills, build your presentation and leadership abilities, and still have time to ace med school interviews.

Taking a gap year

Teaching during a gap year is a great way to stay on track while saving for med school. It also opens the door to networking with other teachers who can help you as you apply.

And the job is “portable”—it moves when you do.

Pursuing your advanced degree

Finishing your thesis? Doing research? Flexible work options let you earn income on your schedule—all while using your experience to help others succeed.

As a Kaplan teacher, you’ll enjoy:


Classes are assigned in cycles so you can pick what's best for your schedule.

Extra opportunities

Teach additional tests, tutor 1-on-1, or work on content development.

Benefits & culture

Enjoy free or discounted classes, 401k options, and a quirky culture.

Career growth

Kaplan faculty managers and teacher trainers will keep you moving ahead.

Haven’t taken the MCAT yet?

You love to teach, you’ve been living in a lab for 5 years, and you can recite the periodic table…but you haven’t taken the MCAT?

Here are some options:

Apply to be an SAT or ACT teacher instead of an MCAT teacher, and get free and discounted prep courses for either MCAT prep or, if you’re already past that, USMLE prep. As a Kaplan teacher for any exam, you’re eligible for these perks.

If your heart’s set on teaching the MCAT but you haven’t yet taken it, it’s still an option. Reach out to us and we’ll help you go from here.