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What’s included?

AlgebraHelp fills in the gaps in a developmental math program, giving students high-quality instructional support.

Live, expert math tutors

Our teachers support students through live chat and office hours every weekday, ensuring that your class has help on hand when they need it.

Focused practice and review

We offer 66 instructional videos and associated practice problems to give your class access to a full set of review content.

Reporting for administrators

We'll set you up with usage and performance reporting, so you can monitor student use and improvement.

Live Instruction Add-on

We can also teach a complete college-level algebra course in the Live Online Classroom.

Live, interactive teaching

Live instructors and TAs ensure that your students stay on track and are engaged in their learning.

Primary instruction

We instruct your students directly, allowing you to focus on individual attention.

Custom schedule

We'll schedule 40 one-hour sessions around your class times for maximum convenience and attendance.

Email us to demo the product and learn about pricing.

Why Kaplan?

Academic excellence

Our rigorous selection and training make sure all teachers are experts in content and care about student outcomes.

Education experience

Kaplan's been in the business of education for nearly 80 years and has helped millions of students like yours on the path to success.

Personalized instruction

Every student has unique needs and challenges when it comes to learning. Our focus on the individual means every student can excel.

Realistic practice

We use tried-and-tested materials to guarantee that we're exposing students to what they need to learn.