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What’s included?

ScienceHelp products are great companion tools for college level science courses.

Live, expert science tutors

Our tutors, chosen from a pool of over 5,000 subject experts, offer weekday chat support and weeknight office hours live online to answer student questions.

Focused practice and review

Short video clips organized by learning objective allow students to focus on their weak areas as they work through practice questions.

Reporting for administrators

We'll set you up with usage and performance reporting, so you can monitor student use and improvement.

ScienceHelp includes

General Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry I, and Physics I

General Chemistry I

Our lessons cover all first-semester General Chemistry topics, such as waves and light, intermolecular forces, redox reactions, and significant figures.

Organic Chemistry I

Our lessons cover all first-semester Organic Chemistry topics, such as isomerism, organic molecule nomenclature, and substitution, elimination, and addition reactions.

Physics I

Our lessons cover all first-semester Physics topics, such as Newton's three laws, periodic motion, inclined planes, and kinematics.

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Why Kaplan?

Academic excellence

Our rigorous selection and training make sure all teachers are experts in content and care about student outcomes.

Education experience

Kaplan's been in the business of education for nearly 80 years and has helped millions of students like yours on the path to success.

Personalized instruction

Every student has unique needs and challenges when it comes to learning. Our focus on the individual means every student can excel.

Realistic practice

We use tried-and-tested materials to guarantee that we're exposing students to what they need to learn.