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OAT Practice Questions

Which of the following illustrates the principle of induction in invertebrates?

  • A. In an embryo, the presence of a notochord beneath the ectoderm results in the formation of a neural tube.
  • B. A neuron synapses with another neuron via a neurotransmitter.
  • C. Eye muscles constrict in response to light.
  • D. Secretion of TSH stimulates the secretion of thyroxine.
  • E. The maternal parent induces spontaneous expression of recessive genes.

C6H12O6 + O2 CO2 + H2O

This process is completed

  • A. in the cytoplasm.
  • B. in the area of the cell membrane.
  • C. in the nucleus.
  • D. in the mitochondria.
  • E. in the area around the ribosomes.

Cells that are involved in active transport, such as cells of the intestinal epithelium, utilize large quantities of ATP. In such cells there are

  • A. high levels of adenylate cyclase activity.
  • B. many polyribosomes.
  • C. many mitochondria.
  • D. high levels of DNA synthesis.
  • E. many lysosomes.

In an emergency, an individual with type AB antigen on his red blood cells

  • A. may receive a transfusion of type O blood.
  • B. may receive a transfusion of type A blood.
  • C. may receive a transfusion of type B blood.
  • D. All of the above
  • E. None of the above

The least stable free radical is

Which one of the following reactions will be accompanied by an increase in entropy?

  • A. Na(s) + H₂O(l)  → NaOH(aq) + H₂(g)
  • B. I₂(g) I₂(s)
  • C. H₂SO₄(aq) + Ba(OH)₂(aq) →  BaSO₄(s) + H₂O(l)
  • D. H₂(g) + 1/2 O₂ (g) → H₂O(l)
  • E. None of the above.

The heat of combustion of gaseous ammonia, NH₃(g), is 81 kcal/mole. How much heat is released in the reaction of 34 grams of ammonia with excess oxygen?

  • A. 40.5 kcal
  • B. 60.3 kcal
  • C. 75.8 kcal
  • D. 81 kcal
  • E. 162 kcal

Which of the following electron configurations represents the element that would form the most acidic anhydride?

  • A. 1s²2s²2p⁶3s¹
  • B. 1s²2s²2p⁶3s²
  • C. 1s²2s²2p⁶3s²3p¹
  • D. 1s²2s²2p⁶3s²3p²
  • E. 1s²2s²2p⁶3s²3p³

A roulette wheel consists of 38 slots. 36 of these are numbered 1 through 36 and colored red or black so that there are nine red even-numbered slots, nine black odd-numbered slots, etc. These slots occur with equal probability. The two slots marked 0 or 00 are each three times as likely to occur as any one of the other 36. What is the probability that a red even number, a red 23, or a 00 will occur on one roll of the wheel?

  • A. 2/7
  • B. 5/18
  • C. 13/38
  • D. 13/42
  • E. 3/10

If 1/5 of those in a high school are freshmen, and 40% of the freshmen are women, and 3/5 of those in the other grades are women, how many men are enrolled in the high school, given that there are 600 students altogether?

  • A. 240
  • B. 264
  • C. 300
  • D. 336
  • E. 360

In the first 12 games of the season, the forward on a soccer team scored 20 goals. How many goals must he average in each of the remaining 6 games of the season in order to average 2.0 goals per game overall?

  • A. 1 ½
  • B. 2 ⅓
  • C. 2 ½
  • D. 2 ⅔
  • E. 20

Susan has $10 with which to buy apples. Apples are priced at 6 for $0.89, or $0.20 each. How much change will Susan receive if she buys as many as she can?

  • A. $1.10
  • B. $0.89
  • C. $0.21
  • D. $0.10
  • E. $0.01

When a spring is compressed to its minimum length and not permitted to expand

  • A. potential energy is at its maximum and kinetic energy is at its minimum.
  • B. kinetic energy is at its maximum and potential energy is at its minimum.
  • C. the sum of the potential and kinetic energies is zero.
  • D. potential energy and kinetic energy are at their maximum.
  • E. potential energy and kinetic energy are at their minimum.

A 5-N force and a 10-N force act on the same point of an object. The 5-N force acts due west while the 10-N force acts 60° north of east. The resultant force is

  • A. 5 N east
  • B. 5√3 N north
  • C. 5 N northwest
  • D. 5√3 N northeast
  • E. 5 N south

An object is placed near a biconcave lens as shown below. The image will form

Which of the following statements concerning the photoelectric effect is FALSE?

  • A. The kinetic energy of the emitted electrons is equal to the energy of the light waves.
  • B. As the intensity of the light increases, the number of electrons emitted per unit time should increase.
  • C. If the frequency of the light wave increases and the intensity remains constant, the kinetic energy of the emitted electrons increases.
  • D. If light of extremely low frequency is incident upon a photosensitive metallic surface, an electron will not be emitted regardless of how long the light is incident upon that surface.
  • E. One can measure the kinetic energy of emitted electrons by measuring the voltage of the electric field necessary to stop the motion of the electrons.

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