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PRAXIS Prep Options

Prep Course

Our Praxis Prep option is your complete Praxis study resource, with personalized online practice.

Math Foundations

Our Math Foundations option is designed to build a strong foundation in the basic math skills essential for success on the Praxis (Included with our Praxis Prep PLUS option).

Why Kaplan?

Realistic Practice

The more you practice, the better you'll do. Realistic practice makes perfect.


Learn score-raising strategies to get the most out of your study time and tackle different question types efficiently.

Learning Science

We apply our research-based learning strategies so you can focus your prep and get the most out of your study time.


Get analysis of your performance to learn how to score even higher.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Praxis?

    Praxis is not a single test, but a series of more than 100 tests used primarily by state education departments to qualify applicants for teaching licenses. 

    While Praxis tests cover subjects as wide-ranging as chemistry, music, or the German language, their subject matter falls into two broad categories: content knowledge and teaching knowledge. 

    All tests are tailored to specific subjects or grade levels and are administered on the computer (with the exception of Braille Proficiency). They all require registration through the ETS website in advance.

  • How is the Praxis scored?

    All Praxis test scores are between 100 and 200.  Praxis tests are scored by the number of correct answers (also known as the raw score). This means that an incorrect response and no response are both worth the same — the test does not penalize guessing. 

    Beyond the raw score of correct answers, there is an adjustment made for test difficulty. This means that there is no way to predict exactly how many correct answers are needed for a passing score. Once a Praxis test is completed, test-takers will receive an unofficial score immediately.

  • What if you can't pass the Praxis?

    Passing any of the Core Test Praxis exams required by your state or teaching program is an essential step in your licensure process. 

    As far as ETS is concerned, if you are unable to pass a Praxis test on your first attempt, you may retake the exam after 21 days (ETS has no limit on how many times the Praxis can be taken). If you are taking the tests as part of your application to a teaching program, it’s important to speak to your program advisor and note your program’s application deadlines and requirements. If you are taking the tests as part of state licensing, be sure to check your jurisdiction’s rules and regulations. 

    Before retaking a Praxis exam, you will want to be sure to analyze your prior testing experience and determine what you need to do differently. For example, if the Core Math exam was challenging because it tested concepts you haven’t studied since high school (like algebra or probability), you should use your preparation time to refresh your content knowledge. Alternatively, if you tested in a subject with which you are familiar but struggled with the format and timing limitations of the Praxis test, more in-format practice and test-taking strategy may be your ticket to a passing score. 

    Kaplan has a suite of resources that can help you prepare for your re-take, including not only content refresh but also a time-tested framework to help you achieve your goals.

  • How hard is the Praxis?

    There are many factors that go into predicting how hard a given Praxis test will be for any specific person. First and most obviously, there are over 100 different Praxis tests. In addition, your educational background, familiarity with the material, test-taking skills, and overall preparation contribute to how easy or difficult each Praxis exam will be for you.

    More pointedly, while some test-takers may breeze through one or more of their required Praxis exams, many will find at least some of them challenging. The most recent data available for the Praxis Elementary Education test, a content knowledge exam required in 18 states, indicates that only 46% of test takers will pass all four subjects the first time they take the exam.

  • How to study for the Praxis

    The Praxis isn’t a single test, but a series of exams that test your knowledge of pedagogical theories and techniques. How you study for the Praxis depends on which exams you are required to take by your educational program or state licensing board. 

    The Praxis Core Tests measure aptitude in math, reading, and writing at the K-12 level. The Praxis Subject Assessments test knowledge of specific subjects. These tests include both content-based questions and questions about pedagogy. The Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) is a pedagogy-based test required by some states. This exam tests your knowledge of general education theories and practices. You can learn more about the material tested on each Praxis exam by visiting ETS.