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Why partner with us?

Your members are hustling to get into the graduate and professional schools of their dreams, and we've got the tools to help them get there. Your club partnership benefits can attract new members, raise funds for your club, and give your members the events and resources they’re looking for. Your club may qualify for any of the partnership benefits below.

Course Scholarship

Receive* or Earn a Kaplan course scholarship, valued at up to $2499. Auction your course scholarship to raise money for your club, raffle during a club meeting to generate attendance and excitement, or give to a deserving member.

*Scholarships automatically given to MCAT, LSAT, and GRE focused clubs with 75+members.

Exclusive Discounts

Entice new students to join your club with exclusive member discounts for our test prep courses. Plus, club officers get an extra savings for being valued partners!

Free Events and Resources

Get access to our events and programming, plus exclusive test tools, like our US study guides, Canadian study guides, and grad school checklists.

Want to know more?

Check out what other club leaders are saying about their partnership.

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