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How will you make a difference?

Network on campus

Use your networking skills and connections to build and strengthen Kaplan partnerships with clubs and other organizations on your campus.

Present to clubs

Deliver presentations to inform students about the path to graduate school and how Kaplan can help them achieve their goals.

Share on social media

Leverage your social media networks to get students engaged with our free events, resources, and expertise.

Why join our team?

Become an SBA!
Extra spending cash

Our SBA positions pay $15/hour ($19/CAD) with opportunities for additional compensation in the form of bonuses and promotions.

A higher test score

Not only do you get competitive pay, you also get a free Kaplan course to help you succeed in your own educational goals.

Flexible schedules

With a flexible up to ~10 hour-per-week schedule, you’ll be able to balance being a successful SBA with being an involved college student.

Become an expert

With our paid training program, completed virtually for your convenience, you’ll get the tools you need to become a successful SBA.

Meet our Student Brand Ambassadors

Here are few SBAs who are making a difference on their campuses and helping students meet—and exceed—their goals.

Join them and the hundreds of other SBAs across North America.

Adina Greene
Adina Greene
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Lyla Khan
Lyla Khan
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Ashna Sethi
Ashna Sethi
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Bobby Lovitch
Bobby Lovitch
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Neil Chada
Neil Chada
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Hunter Rizzuto
Hunter Rizzuto
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Adina Greene Adina Greene

Campus: University of California- Berkeley

Major: Integrative Biology

Campus Involvement: Tri Delta, American Medical Women's Association, Pre Health Student Council, Department of Integrative Biology Students, Sage Mentoring, Bay Area Scientists in Schools, Jewish Community and I research at UCSF!

Favorite SBA Moment: My favorite moment so far has definitely been working with Greek Life on my campus to implement Kaplan into their academic programs!

How has Kaplan's SBA program helped you to achieve your educational or professional goals: Kaplan's SBA program has given me a chance to show my leadership skills and initiative. In addition, I have learned a lot more about medical school and the other tests and feel confident about my career option and path to medical school.

I love to hula hoop!

Lyla Khan Lyla Khan

Campus: University of South Florida

Major: Biomedical Sciences, minor in Political Science

Campus Involvement: Pre-Med AMSA, Students Organized for Syria, Muslim Student Association, Partners in Health, USF Pre- Law Society

Favorite part of being a SBA: Getting to know so many different people on campus and interacting with clubs, plus the fantastic networking opportunities!

How has Kaplan's SBA program helped you to achieve your educational or professional goals:  The resources that Kaplan provides are fantastic tools. I love the teacher takeovers on Facebook!

I am a professional horseback rider!

Ashna Sethi Ashna Sethi

Campus: The University of Mississippi

Major: Marketing and Chemistry

Campus Involvement: Alpha Kappa Psi, Indian Club, Feminist Empowerment at The University of Mississippi, Chief Emissary Officers

SBA Program’s personal impact: By learning so much about the paths to graduate and business school, I have become more certain of my dreams while helping others with similar dilemmas.

"I'm really into food aesthetics so I created a foodie Instagram and lots of San Francisco restaurants/famous Bay Area foodies have followed me!"

Bobby Lovitch Bobby Lovitch

Campus: Tufts University

Major: Biopsychology with a minor in Philosophy

Campus Involvement: Admissions Department Tour Guide, Peer Leader for Pre-Orientation Program, Ultimate Frisbee Team, Tufts Marathon Team

Favorite part of the SBA role:  As a busy college student, it is hard to commit regular hours each week to a job, and working as an SBA is the perfect opportunity to fit my work in around my busy schedule.

"I didn’t  learn to ride a bike until I was 20 years old."

"I won a hot dog eating contest my freshman year by shoveling down 12.5 hot dogs in 4 minutes."

Neil Chada Neil Chada

Campus: Temple University

Major: Bioengineering

Campus Involvement: President of Grassroot Soccer, Phi Delta Epsilon, RA. In my spare time, I conduct research in a biomaterials lab.

Favorite part of being a SBA: Without a doubt, my favorite part of being an SBA is getting to connect with various students across campus and providing them with the tools they need to achieve their dreams of getting into graduate school!

Favorite SBA Moment: I will never forget the time I came across a student on campus who was absolutely stressed out about their MCAT and was about to give up. It felt great to talk them through how many resources are out there for them and how I could personally help them through their test prep!

I am a huge sriracha addict

Hunter Rizzuto Hunter Rizzuto

Campus: University of Delaware

Major: Political Science, Minor in Legal Studies

Campus Involvement: VP of HenLaw, SGA Student Affairs Senator, Blue Hen Ambassador, Alpha Kappa Psi

Favorite part of being a SBA: When I notice how many students on campus value their education and want to further it in any way! I love being a part of Kaplan by helping others pursue their dreams and goals.

How has Kaplan's SBA program helped you to achieve your educational or professional goals: It has allowed me to motivate myself to be the best student I can be, I realize the journey to law school is not easy and now I believe I am fully equipped with the proper knowledge to start my process!

In my spare time I watch baseball and basketball 24/7.