If you don’t have a test date scheduled by April 1, we recommend you use our NGN resources to prepare for the new test.

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Start prepping three months before the exam and do about 75 practice questions per day. This way, you can evaluate your performance and learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them on test day.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)? 

    The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) is an updated version of the NCLEX that will further assess nursing candidates' abilities to apply clinical judgment skills and make safe, effective decisions. It will include new question types and case sets that are mapped to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Clinical Judgement Measurement Model. NGN will be administered starting in April 2023.

  • Which NCLEX exam should I prepare for?

    If you are graduating this year, you should prepare for the current version of the NCLEX and plan to take your exam before the change. This will allow you to focus your study time on questions that most resemble the current exam. Keep in mind, the NCLEX has always been focused on clinical judgment, and Kaplan’s approach to NCLEX preparation is designed to strengthen your critical thinking and clinical judgement skills. We have already introduced sample NGN questions into our current NCLEX course for students to experience and will implement our full NGN course starting in 2023. 

  • How many questions are on the NCLEX-RN?

    It depends. The NCLEX-RN will serve up between 75 and 145 questions and will stop as soon as your competency level has been identified. You can pass or fail at any number of questions.

  • How do you pass the NCLEX-RN?

    To pass the NCLEX-RN, you have to demonstrate that your level of competency is above the minimum standard. As you answer questions correctly, you'll be given increasingly difficult questions, and you will need to work your way up in difficulty so the NCLEX-RN algorithm can identify your passing-level competency with 95% confidence. Answering questions correctly will require both nursing content knowledge and critical thinking skills; at Kaplan, we recommend you study with a mix of content, strategy, and practice.

  • How long does it take to get NCLEX-RN results?

    Official results will be sent to you approximately 6 weeks after taking the NCLEX-RN. Some states offer a quick results service which allows you to access your "unofficial" results within 2 business days.

  • How many times can you take the NCLEX-RN?

    Ideally you'll only take the NCLEX-RN one time. However, if necessary you are allowed to retest 45 days after the administration of your previous exam. Candidates are permitted to take the exam 8 times a year, but not more than once within a 45 day period.

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