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The fundamental difference that sets Kaplan apart is Purposeful Pedagogy. In developing our platform, we study real nursing students to tailor our program for the best learning outcomes. Not only have we centralized all the content in one spot for self-efficacious students, but we have also streamlined all remediation to make finding the “need to know” content clear to non self-efficacious students. Our program is easy to use because it follows the philosophy that more is not necessarily better for nursing students. Instead, we give them access to clear, concise content in an easy-to-follow format so that they can understand the most critical information.

Kaplan understands that students don't learn just from taking tests; they learn by remediating on them. Active learning, coupled with relevant, high-yield and efficient review of content and rationales are key to retaining and effectively applying knowledge. Kaplan’s program identifies gaps in a student's knowledge and provides multi-level remediation in multiple areas of the NCLEX® test plan, level of difficulty, content, concepts, QSEN, nursing process, and more. Upon completing any practice or secured test, students are notified of their performance in multiple categories and then linked to the appropriate remediation topics. Kaplan offers a variety of audio and visual resources to help students review and remediate. In particular, our remediation tools include explanations for correct answer choices and distractors, providing comprehensive rationales that extend beyond the industry standard.

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Our research also shows that students retain the most information utilizing two mediums, particularly voice over PowerPoint. In line with this research, our video remediation resources are built for visual and bimodal learners, a common millennial student demographic. Kaplan’s remediation is self-contained in one page to avoid confusion of conflicting information and to make remediation time-quantifiable for faculty. In Kaplan reporting, it is easy to see how much time a student has remediated down to the question and the topic.

In addition, summative reporting per individual student provides guidance on strengths and weaknesses compared to normed groups. Students can monitor for remediation time and are given guidance toward proficiency on concepts covered. On secured tests, normative comparisons highlight a student’s individual performance by category.

Understanding current student study habits and study behaviors is critical to successfully teaching and retaining strong academics in any nursing program. By providing a concise set of remediation resources—one website, one account, one password, one content book, and one NCLEX-RN® preparation book—we have found that students that participate more often and actively use their resources more frequently.

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