LL.M. California Bar Review Courses

LL.M. California Complete Bar Review Course Options:

$4,115 $2,590 To enroll in an On-Demand course
(online lecture library only) call 1-800-523-0777.
$4,435 $3,440 To enroll in a Live course
call 1-800-523-0777.

LL.M. California Fundamentals Bar Review Course Options:

$599To enroll in a On-Demand course
(online lecture library only) call 1-800-523-0777.

Top Reasons to Choose Kaplan for your Bar Review

1. Get over 4,000 exam-like MBE practice questions in our course. Create customized MBE quizzes using our MBE Qbank.

2. Unlimited Essay Grading allows you to get individualized guidance on as many essays as you choose to write.

3. Your daily regimen will include assignments that gradually become tailored to improve your weakest areas.

4. Outlines with Roadmap Diagrams make the law easier for you to navigate, absorb and recall.

5. Get our Bar Note Lecture Companion Sheets to create a structure for your own outlines.

6. All lectures are available to you to review in our Online Lecture Library.

7. Your Final Countdown Study Plan that will provide you with an individualized set of daily assignments during the last two weeks before the bar exam.

8. Study when and where you want. Get unlimited 24/7 access to lectures to your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android device.

9. Our Academic Attorneys help you stay on track via our Ask-an-Expert Support.