Learn about the Bar Exam

What is the Multistate Bar Exam?

To the surprise of many, the MBE is merely one component of admittance to the bar.


The Bar Exam in your state

Find out what it’s  like to apply for and take the Bar in your state from students who recently passed.


What is the MPRE?

The Multistate Professional responsibility exam is one of the tests that will be required for you to be admitted to the bar.

Bar Exam Question of the Day

A little routine goes a long way.

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Getting mentally prepared for the Bar

Having the right mentality makes a world of difference in helping your chances of passing the Bar on the first try.


What is the Multistate Essay Exam?

The breadth of material that could be tested in essay form creates anxiety for Bar takers. Review our MEE strategy.


Studying the week before the Bar

Review our 8 tips and go into test day at your absolute best.

Bar Exam Free Practice Courses and Materials

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