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What's Tested on the SHSAT?

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Tips for when you take the SHSAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you pass the SHSAT?

    The SHSAT is not a pass/fail exam, but there will be a cutoff score for each Specialized High School. Starting with the highest scorers, students are admitted to their top-choice school until seats are filled. For example, if there are 500 spaces at Stuyvesant, the top 500 scorers who put Stuyvesant first will be accepted. The 501st student would be admitted to their second-choice school.

  • How do you prepare for SHSAT?

    Students can take advantage of the test’s predictability when prepping. As important as it is to know the setup of the SHSAT, it is equally important to have a system for attacking hard questions. Whether you use a book or a private tutor to prepare, make sure your child puts in the work ahead of time, so they are confident and relaxed on test day.

  • How long is the SHSAT?

    Your child will have 180 minutes to complete the entire test. We recommend spending approximately half the time (1 hour and 30 minutes) on each section. However, make sure your child knows that they can move on to the Math section without waiting for the 90 minutes to end or begin with Math and tackle ELA second.

  • How is the SHSAT scored?

    The Composite Score is out of 800 points. The Math and English Language Arts (ELA) sections are weighted equally, and there is no wrong answer penalty. All questions, whether they are hard or not, are worth the same amount. The unscored experimental questions are mixed in with the scored questions, so it’s important to answer all questions as if they were scored.

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