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Tutoring | $799

The finest private tutoring

All Kaplan tutors are chosen based on their extensive knowledge and empathy.

Get your higher score, faster

When you work with best-in-class tutors, you can look forward to a score boost.

The most resources, all tied together

You'll never run out of prep, and you'll always know what to focus on next.

Take a deep dive

You’ll meet with your tutor in personalized, online sessions. Get a 6-hour or a 12-hour tutoring package, depending on how much guidance you're after.

Meet when you want

With Kaplan's most personalized prep option, you and your tutor will decide your schedule together so you can meet at the best times for you.

Get to know the test

Your study plan and homework will be totally tailored to you—and you’ll also get books, tests, quizzes, and a ton of online practice.

AP tutoring at a glance

  • 6- or 12-hour tutoring packages
  • 3- or 4-week study plans
  • Kaplan book for your AP exam
  • 2 full-length practice tests
  • quizzes—online and in the book
  • online scoring tools

Our approach

Step 1: Evaluation

Tell us about your academic background, study style, and goals.

Step 2: Match

Once we understand your needs, we'll select the right tutor for you.

Step 3: A custom plan

Your tutor will create a study plan that fits your needs and schedule.

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