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Better Together? When and How to Use Synchronous Sessions for Greatest Impact 

by Kristin Murner, MBA, MSEd, Director, Learning Design | July 22, 2020
Digital Classroom Resources

The great debate of asynchronous vs synchronous will rage on forever. The case could be made for either as the superior modality. But, do we have to choose? Let's dive deep into what each modality does best and how to leverage both to ensure your learners are successful.

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Measuring Learning in an Online World

by Laura Keehan, Executive Director, Assessment | April 23, 2020
Digital Classroom Resources Assessment

In our (not so) new (anymore) world of online learning, you’ve probably quickly learned that more traditional, classroom-based assessment no longer really applies.

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Online Learning Doesn’t Have to Be “Less Than”

by Kristin Murner, MBA, MSEd, Director, Learning Design | April 8, 2020
Digital Classroom Resources

Though it may not seem like it now, the ultimate win of this remote learning season could be the opportunity to help your students identify what really sparks their interest and joy.

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Virtual Clinical Resources

by Alvin Bisarya, MD, Vice President of Healthcare Innovations | March 24, 2020
Kaplan Virtual Simulation

At Kaplan, we are proud to work with thousands of medical educators and their students around the world to assist  in the journey to becoming a professional. We know the COVID-19 outbreak is creating a unique set of challenges as you must grapple with what is best for the institution as a whole while also considering the well-being of your students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others.

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