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The Full Experience: Blending Tools and Strategies to Create a Great Outcome for Everyone in Your Online Course

by Chris Ryan, Executive Director, Product Strategy, Kaplan Admissions Group | August 13, 2020

If you’ve followed our webinars or read previous posts of ours, you know that we’re big believers in clear, action-oriented learning objectives and course outcomes.

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Evidence into Practice: How to Apply Fantastic Instructional Design to Your Online Classroom

by Kristin Murner, MBA, MSEd, Director, Learning Design | July 1, 2020
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The online classroom can deliver the same learning objectives and the same outcomes, but sometimes requires a bit more creativity in translating (what are normally) in-person activities for your learners to an asynchronous environment where the feedback loop isn’t as organic.

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Engineered for Success: Evidence-based Strategies for Online Learning

by Kristin Murner, MBA, MSEd, Director, Learning Design | June 10, 2020

With the arrival of Covid-19 in the Spring of 2020 came the unprecedented closure of nearly every face-to-face learning institution.  For many, this meant the immediate pivot to online learning to provide continuity of education for students at all levels.

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Finishing Well: Transitioning, Reflecting, and Planning

by Kristin Murner, MBA, MSEd, Director, Learning Design | May 19, 2020
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 The end of the 2019-2020 school year is upon us.  Surely no one predicted the semester would end in such a distanced, distracted fashion, yet here we are.

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Pro Tips to Master Lesson Planning for Online Classes

by Cat Powell, GRE Instructor and Instructor Manager, Manhattan Prep | May 13, 2020

Many factors need to go right for students to be highly engaged. One factor that can be overlooked is cognitive load.  If the cognitive load grows too great, students will check out.

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