Preparing for NGN Video Series: How to Write Extended Multiple Response Questions

by Susie Compton, RN, MSN | February 17, 2022
Kaplan Nursing NexGen NCLEX

As we approach the launch of the Next Generation NCLEX, Kaplan understands that nursing educators need increased support and innovative resources so that they can prepare their students for the rigors of the exam. To this end, we are excited to share a new series of videos, prepared by educators for educators, around all things NextGen NCLEX. In our first series of how-to videos, our curriculum experts will walk you through the process of item writing for NGN. In the Spring/Summer, we will then tackle practical tips and tricks for developing clinical judgment skills, and finally, in the Fall, our team will examine how virtual simulation can help your students prepare for NGN, as well as be equipped with the skills and aptitudes they will need in an increasingly digital world. This week, we are proud to share the video, "Preparing for the Next Generation NCLEX: How to Write Extended Multiple Response Questions" with Susie Compton, RN, MSN.

By the end of this presentation the learner will understand more about:

  • Two types of extended multiple response questions:
  • Examples of each type
  • FAQ

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