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Online Tutoring | From $2699
From $2699


All Kaplan tutors are chosen based on their extensive knowledge and empathy.


When you work with best-in-class tutors, you can look forward to a score boost.


You'll never run out of prep, and you'll always know what to focus on next.

We'll meet you where you are

You spoke, we listened. Our brand new DAT course is designed using feedback from students just like you. You’ll get everything you need to succeed on test day, all in one place. We put our test expertise to work for you, so you get more points, in less time.

You’ll get the most personalized DAT prep available with an expert DAT tutor who customizes Kaplan’s complete DAT program to meet your needs. Plus, you’ll have the option to attend a Kaplan DAT class with any tutoring package.

One size fits you

We offer three private tutoring packages, so you can choose the right group of hours and the right focus for you. It’s personal, and flexible.

The only way is your only way

Kaplan’s tutoring packages give you the most comprehensive set of DAT prep available, including a plan that’s customized just for you with focus on the topics you can most improve on.

Practice like it's test day

Pre-dental students aren’t all the same. Your practice shouldn’t be, either. Get ready for everything the DAT brings your way with customizable quizzes in Qbank, topic-specific quizzes, and plenty of full-length practice. Busy schedule? Your prep course goes everywhere you do with the Kaplan Mobile Prep app.

What's Included

  • One-on-one, personalized instruction in all DAT content and Kaplan’s score-raising strategies for every DAT section.
  • Our tutors are caring, committed, captivating instructors who work with students to find their best path to success.
  • 7 full-length practice tests to get the most realistic practice for test day.
  • Customize instruction based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Option to attend a live DAT class or watch Lessons on Demand.
  • Learn content and strategy with online interactive workshops, review books, and our new customizable quiz builder.

Our approach

Step 1: Evaluation

Tell us about your academic background, study style, and goals.

Step 2: Match

Once we understand your needs, we’ll select the right tutor for you.

Step 3: A custom plan

Your tutor will create a study plan that fits your needs and schedule.

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The best guarantee is one you won’t need. But you get it anyway.

Score higher with Kaplan,
or get your money back.

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