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This intensive, six-session course will cover the major topics and question types you’ll see on the Executive Assessment. Plus, you’ll get personalized, one-on-one tutoring from an expert Manhattan Prep teacher.

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  • 15 hours of classroom instruction over six sessions
  • 2 hours of personalized, one-on-one EA exam prep
  • All the Math Strategy Guide
  • All the Verbal Strategy Guide
  • Integrated Reasoning & Essay Strategy Guide
  • Foundations of Math and Foundations of Verbal Guides
  • 4 official Executive Assessment practice tests and 300 official EA practice problems

Here’s What We’ll Cover

Dive into Data Sufficiency, the "weird" math problem type invented for the EA and the GMAT. Learn how the scoring algorithm works and what implications that has as you study for and take the EA. Master the process for answering any Sentence Correction problem as efficiently as possible. Gain an undersanding of your resources and homework so that you can make the most of your study time.

Solidify your fundamentals. We'll cover foundational-level quant across multiple topic areas (including algebra, fractions and percentage, and story problems) to provide a solid basis for the rest of your studies. Learn our standard process for tackling any Critical Reasoning question, with a particular focus on Assumption Family questions, and how to address Integrated Reasoning (IR) Table problems, one of two interactive problem types on the IR section of the EA.

In the first half of a two-part lesson, we'll focus on Strategies (such as testing cases and choosing smart numbers) that you can apply across many of the quant problems on the EA. In Sentence Correction, dive deep into sentence structure, modifiers, parallelism, and comparisons. You'll also learn how to approach Integrated Reasoning Graph problems—both traditional graphs and unusual ones—and we'll spend some time discussing time management in preparation for taking your first practice test. If you're planning to take the official EA very soon after the course ends, we recommend using the first of your two 1:1 sessions with your instructor after taking this practice test.

In the second half of our quant lesson, we'll add even more Strategies (such as estimation and working backwards) to your arsenal. On the Integrated Reasoning front, you'll learn how to address the dreaded Multi-Source Reasoning problem type and we'll also do a deep dive into Reading Comprehension—how to get through the passage efficiently and how to handle both general and specific question types, including avoiding common traps.

More complicated quant Story Problems and Number Properties are the focus for today, along with test-like practice on Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning. We'll focus not just on getting stuff right but also on making test-like decisions under time constraints. We also address the final of the four Integrated Reasoning problem types: Two-Parts (which can come in quant, verbal, or logic-based flavors).

All Review, All the Time. We'll do mixed quant and verbal review today—we reserve the right to toss anything at you. We'll also spend some time talking about next steps, when to take your second practice test, and when to schedule your included 1:1 sessions with your instructor in order to customize your post-course studies as you get ready to take the real EA!


Studying for the Executive Assessment can be difficult. But, our free kit has everything you need to get started.

You’ll get:

• Basic Math Diagnostic to test your baseline quant skills

• Part 1 of the Foundations of Math Workshop recording to build your baseline quant skills

• EA 101, a primer that explains how the EA works and what’s tested on it

• Introductions to Data Sufficiency, Sentence Correction, time management, and more


Your tutor will pinpoint what you already know and where you can improve, so you never waste a minute of your prep. Tutoring can be used in combination with the EA course or all on its own.
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Frequently Asked Question / FAQs

The EA began as an exam for Executive MBA (EMBA) candidates, but many other programs accept it now, including full-time and part-time MBA programs and specialized master’s programs. If you are a busy professional looking to get the score you need on the EA, while still managing all of your other professional and personal obligations, our course is for you.

Anyone who can take the EA should strongly consider doing so. In addition to certain differences between the tests, the EA has a crucial advantage over the GMAT: It isn’t used in business school rankings. As a result, schools can use the EA as an indicator of baseline readiness (that is, as standardized tests should be used!). You don’t need a stratospheric score; as long as you score above that school’s threshold level, your score won’t hold you back.

The GMAT is about 3.5 hours long; the EA is 1.5 hours long. Both tests contain Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning (IR) sections; the GMAT also contains an Essay section. The two exams contain the same problem types and cover most of the same content, but the EA doesn’t test most geometry topics and it also doesn’t appear to test some of the hardest quant content that is tested on the GMAT. On the EA, you can skip around within part of a section or go back to questions that you’ve already answered. The GMAT adapts by question, so it doesn’t allow you to do this.

Unlike the GMAT, the EA weights the IR section equally with Quant and Verbal when calculating your score, so those who take the EA may have to spend more study time on IR problems (which are more complex but also more like the kinds of real-world analysis you may already do at work).

Our online resources will be available immediately upon enrollment. If you opted to receive physical books with your course, they will be delivered by UPS using the speed you select upon checkout. (You’ll find more shipping information here.)

You will have access to all online resources for 6 months after the last day of your class.

You will have two months from the last day of your course to schedule your one-on-one sessions.