Free GRE Practice Question a Day

It’s good to work on your GRE skills a little bit every day. So rather than save everything for the weekend, make it a point to answer a few GRE practice questions during your busy week.

Even finding time to fit in one practice question before or after class or work can make a difference in your test score. Sure, Saturdays and Sundays may still bear your heavier study loads, but exercising your GRE skills every day will help you improve even faster.

We’re here to make sure you meet your daily dose of GRE practice.

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GRE Free Question a Day

It’s the nature of standardized testing to delivery the same types of questions testing the same types of concepts on exam after exam.

So not only will getting a GRE practice question a day help you get used to the GRE question format, but receiving the answers and explanations will help you work on your weaker areas and understand each question thoroughly. Then you can spot similar questions in the future and know what to expect on them.

Check out this sample GRE practice question

For any two numbers a and b, the operation a#b is given by the expression a2 + 6ab + b2. If a#1 = -7, then a could be equal to:

  • A. -3
  • B. -1
  • C. -4
  • D.  2
  • E.  4

The correct answer is C.


We are told that a#b = a2 + 6ab + b2 and that a#1 = –7. Substituting 1 for b in the expression for a#b, we get a2 + 6a(1) + (1)2 = a2 + 6a + 1 = –7. Now we can use that equation to solve for a.

First add 7 to both sides to get a2 + 6a + 8 = 0. We can factor this equation using reverse FOIL to get (a + 2)(a+ 4) = 0. Therefore we know that either a + 2 = 0 or a + 4 = 0, so a must be –2 or –4. Only –4 appears in the choices, so (C) must be correct.

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