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A simulated GRE® at an actual testing center

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Mastering content isn't everything. Confidence is just as important.

Test Day confidence comes from both preparation and being comfortable in your testing environment. Only Kaplan lets you take a simulated practice test at an actual testing facility, and under the same conditions, as the real exam. It’s the best way to see how you would really perform on Test Day.

The most realistic GRE practice. Period.

Kaplan has an exclusive agreement with Prometric®, the company that administers the GRE. When you enroll in one of our comprehensive GRE courses, you get the Official Test Day Experience. That’s realistic practice that no other test prep provider can offer.

When you know what to expect on Test Day, you can focus on what's important—the test.

  • Learn how long it actually takes to get to the test center on Test Day
  • Get used to testing in a room filled with other test takers
  • Improve your mental stamina by testing for 4 straight hours
  • Understand what you can and cannot bring into the testing room.
  • Validate your Test Day routine

Be prepared. Be comfortable. Be confident.

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