Learn about the NCLEX

Learn the basics about the NCLEX–including what to expect on Test Day.

  • About the NCLEX

    The NCLEX is a pass/fail computer-adaptive test. It lasts up to 6 hours and ranges from 75 to 265 questions. The test focuses on four areas of client needs. Read More >

  • When should I take the NCLEX?

    When you can take the NCLEX varies from state to state. Most students first take the NCLEX 45 days after graduation. However, the NCLEX is administered 6 days a week, year-round. Read More >

  • How do I register for the NCLEX?

    The computer-based NCLEX is offered year-round. Your nursing school will send you the application for licensure and the NCLEX approximately 6 weeks prior to graduation. Read more >

  • Should I retake the NCLEX?

    Not passing the NCLEX on your first go is okay. You went through nursing school to become an RN, so buckle down, figure out where you went wrong, and take the NCLEX again! Figure out where to start with this post. Read More >

Studying for the NCLEX

The NCLEX is a computer-adaptive test. The test lasts up to 6 hours and ranges from 75 to 265 questions, depending on the amount of questions you answer correctly and their difficulty level. The NCLEX focuses on client needs and further breaks into 4 categories: safe and effective care environment; health promotion and maintenance; psychosocial integrity; and physiological integrity.

  • How to Pass the NCLEX

    The first step to passing the NCLEX is figuring out what kind of test taker and learner you are. From there, you can capitalize on your strengths to master the NCLEX content and prepare yourself for the test. Read more >

  • NCLEX Exam vs. Real World Nursing

    Nursing practices vary from state to state. The NCLEX reflects national trends. Relying on your nursing experiences to answer NCLEX questions can be dangerous. Learn how to correctly answer tricky questions that may differ from actual practices you have encountered. Learn more >

  • NCLEX Question Types

    The NCLEX is primarily composed of traditional multiple choice questions–text based stems with four answer options. However, the NCLEX also has several alternative format question types that can throw you off if you are not prepared. Learn more >

NCLEX Prep Courses

Allow yourself adequate preparation time–we recommend at least 2 months. Even though you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to, you have to do the work first. Take enough time to practice, prepare, and build confidence for Test Day.

  • NCLEX Prep – Live Online

    Kaplan’s live, instructor-led online courses provide the benefits of a classroom experience with the flexibility of attending from wherever you are. Learn more >

  • NCLEX Prep – In Person

    Kaplan’s In Person option is your perfect blend of in-class instruction with expert NCLEX faculty and comprehensive resources for out-of-class, realistic practice. Learn more >

  • NCLEX Prep – Self-Paced Online

    Want test prep on your terms? Prefer working on your own from home? With Kaplan’s self-paced online courses, you can work at your own place, at your own pace—wherever you are, at whatever time suits you. Learn more >

  • NCLEX Prep Books

    Study proven strategies, understand client needs, learn the rationales behind answers, and become an expert in the exam’s computerized format with online practice tests. Learn more >