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Bar Review starting at $1699. Prepping for July 2020? Save $700 on live and get $750 back after rebate. Sale ends 2/28/19.

Get your prep for $700 off and get $750 back after rebate.

Ends 2/28

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Exclusive Advantages

Our Student Reps act as official hosts at campus events and make valuable contacts among the student body and faculty. It's also great way to start building a resume with practical experience of organizing, promoting and managing campus events.

Valuable Discounts

We offer a range of products and services to help students have more success in law school. As a Student Rep you can purchase these at significant discounts. You even get early notice about new resources and tools available to law students.

Referral Awards

As a student rep, you earn credits for enrolling your fellow students in our courses. By earning enough credits, you are then eligible to receive a complimentary MBE Combination Course or a Complete Bar Review Course. Once you have earned enough credits to receive your own course free of charge, you will receive a referral award on the additional credits that you earn.

Get a Free Bar Review Course

It's never too early to start planning for the crucial preparation you are going to want before you take the bar. As a Kaplan PMBR Student Representative, you can earn a place in a Kaplan PMBR MBE Combination Course or Complete Bar Review Course free of charge by completing specific requirements.

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