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What's Included

  • Course lecture
  • Bar notes
  • MPRE outline
  • MPRE Qbank
  • FleX interactive flashcards
  • Question-based review workshops
  • MPRE practice tests
  • Practice test walk through
Learn and Review

Course lectures outline key information while Bar notes are designed to be used with each lecture segment to help you remember concepts and create a reference guide for later review. Use the MPRE outline for quick review of key legal concepts.

More Ways To Practice

Our online MPRE Qbank has 175 test-like questions with detailed answer explanations, while fleX Interactive Flashcards help you comprehend and memorize the law as it's tested on the MPRE. Question-based review workshops start with a quiz, and then go over core concepts question by question. Test yourself with 4 MPRE practice tests, 60 questions each. Finally, take a practice test walk through with a Kaplan instructor and understand what makes answers right and wrong.

Choose Your Study Method

Take a free MPRE Review with downloadable outline and course materials (over 300 pages), or add a hard-copy version of the book for a $15 shipping fee.

Frequently Asked Questions