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If you’re a practicing lawyer, you’re going to need continuing legal education credits. Save $100 on them now when you sign up for Kaplan CLE powered by Lawline. You’ll get access to Lawline’s on-demand lessons in hard-to-find and high-demand subjects, learn from leading attorneys, and receive instant certificates.

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Kaplan has you covered for your whole legal career—and we’re helping you get ahead of the game on CLE credits for when you’re a practicing lawyer. Save $100 when you lock in CLE courses right now with Kaplan CLE powered by Lawline. Add it on to Kaplan bar review, and you’ll be set for years.

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Maintain your license with CLE online courses and save $100 while you’re at it. With Kaplan CLE powered by Lawline, you can further your legal education with two of the industry’s most trusted names—online, from anywhere.

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Offer: $100 off applies to Lawline Unlimited Membership; Basic and Premium Memberships are not eligible. May not be combined with other Lawline offers; may be combined with other Kaplan offers.

Important Notice for Law Students: law students will not earn credits for Lawline legal education completed prior to becoming an attorney at law. The CLE membership is offered for learning only while a law student.

Kaplan is an authorized reseller of Lawline CLE memberships. Lawline will solely fulfill all membership purchases.