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Solving PSAT Equations and Word Problems

Tackle foundational algebra topics that will yield big points on test day.

PSAT Reading Strategies

Learn how to apply Kaplan’s methods and strategies to raise your Reading score.

Problem Solving: Rates, Ratios and More

Learn Kaplan methods to conquer rates, ratios, proportions, and percentages.

PSAT Writing and Language Strategies

Learn how to approach two Writing & Language question types that are essential to your score.

PSAT Math Rules: Exponents, Functions and More

Break down the critical algebra and function rules that will help you confidently tackle exponents, radicals, and more.

Common PSAT Reading Question Types

Prepare to collect maximum points on test day by mastering three of the most common Evidence-Based Reading question types.

Advanced PSAT Math

Identify and attack the most challenging math questions on the PSAT. If you’re competing for a National Merit® scholarship, you can’t miss this lesson.

Advanced PSAT Verbal

Identify and attack the most challenging reading, writing, and language questions. If you’re competing for a National Merit scholarship, don’t miss this lesson.