LESSON ONE: PSAT Writing and Language Strategies, Infographics

You will see four Writing & Language passages on the PSAT, each of which will have 11 questions. Recognizing the text type of a Writing & Language passage helps you focus on the questions as they relate to the passage’s general purpose. Knowing the overarching aim of the passage will help you answer questions more efficiently and accurately.

The Kaplan Method for the PSAT Writing & Language Test is the method you will use to boost your score on this section. By understanding what the question is looking for, how it relates to the passage, and the questions you should ask yourself on Test Day, you will maximize the number of points you earn.

The PSAT Writing & Language Test will contain one or more passages that include infographics. Each infographic will convey or expand on information related to the passage. Identifying trends in infographics will help you answer associated questions.

LESSON TWO: Organization of Ideas

Organization questions require you to assess the logic and coherence of a Writing & Language passage. These questions differ in scope; you might be asked to organize the writing at the level of the sentence, the paragraph, or even the entire passage.

LESSON THREE: Sentence Structure on the PSAT

On the PSAT, you will be need to be able to recognize and correct grammatically incomplete or substandard sentences. Additionally, you’ll have to recognize and correct inappropriate grammatical shifts in the construction of verb and pronoun phrases.

On the PSAT Writing & Language Test, you will be asked to identify and replace unnecessary shifts in verb tense, mood, and voice. Because these shifts may occur within a single sentence or among different sentences, you will need to read around the underlined portion to identify the error.

Free PSAT Writing Quiz: Effective Language Usage

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PSAT Study Plan

It’s important to come up with a game plan for how you’re going to prepare for and take the PSAT. It might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry: Kaplan’s PSAT study plan includes test info, testing tips and strategies, and study resources.