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Frequently Asked Questions

Many MCAT test takers acknowledge that it is a challenging test, which is important to remember when considering the importance of your prep. However, everybody’s opinion of the test varies and everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. Make things as easy on yourself as possible by understanding which MCAT topics you are most confident with—and which you are least confident with—to keep your studies streamlined.

Kaplan’s MCAT practice options are built around identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Our practice quizzes and tests are the best way to gauge exactly where you stand—quickly. Kaplan expert strategies then help you learn how to leverage your strengths, and improve upon your weaknesses.

Kaplan’s MCAT practice tests provide you with detailed score reports of where you excelled, and what you struggled with. With our Practice Test Pack, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned from one practice test experience and score report when trying the next practice test. By not only gauging where you stand—but also tracking your progress over time—you will better understand your own prep needs.

It depends on how much time you have before your MCAT test date. It’s always worth it to take at least one so you can get the feel of the structure and question style of the MCAT, but ideally you’d take several practice tests throughout your time prepping. If you have three months to study for the MCAT, for example, you might take one practice test in week one, spend several weeks reviewing material and doing individual practice questions, and then take one practice test in each of weeks 9 through 12. 

A good MCAT practice test will give you a realistic test day experience and a detailed score report. You’ll get both of these things, plus two weeks of access to Kaplan’s instructional MCAT videos and extra practice, with Kaplan’s free practice test. Each of our courses, be it self-paced, live online, or in-class, offers access to an additional 16 practice tests to turn everything about the MCAT into second nature.