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Jump-start your LSAT prep with a week of access to Kaplan teachers, expertise, and resources to help you own Test Day.

Quick LSAT Pop Quiz

Our pop quiz is the quickest way to see if you’re ready for the kinds of questions you’ll find on the LSAT. Solve the five problems and get detailed explanations for each.

20-Minute Workout

Take 20 minutes to test your knowledge of the LSAT material and get complete explanations for every question. Plus, get strategies to save you time and help you score high.

Free Online Practice Test

This is the best place to start. Learn what to expect and how you’d score on the exam with our Free Online Practice Test. Plus, get a breakdown of which areas need improvement and how to score higher next time.

Free Events

Take a free practice test, attend a deep-dive session, or experience the power of live instruction.

Additional Resources

PrepTest Scoring & Explanations

How would you score if you took the LSAT today? We'll help you become familiar with what to expect on LSAT Test Day with our free, online practice test options so you can raise your confidence — and your score.

Law School Checklist

You're a planner. We get it. Get your free law school guide and stay ahead of the curve. Sign up to find out everything you need to do to apply to law school — and when you need to do it.

Why Kaplan?

Most live instruction

The LSAT Channel offers hundreds of hours of live, highly-interactive, elective workshops on everything from the basics to advanced topics, taught live and online by Kaplan's highest-rated faculty.

Exhaustive resources

All of our comprehensive courses include a complete PrepTest library (80+ exams) and every released LSAT question (8,000+) with detailed explanations to each question and every answer choice.

More points in less time

Smart Reports® provides an in-depth analysis of your practice test performance and then recommends specific assignments to help you improve. It targets the highest-yield material, specific to you.

Built-in one-on-one instruction

LSAT Prep with the PLUS upgrade offers our complete LSAT Prep experience, and an additional three hours of one-on-one time with one of our LSAT experts to send your score soaring.

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The best guarantee is one you won’t need. But you get it anyway.

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