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The finest private tutoring

All Kaplan tutors are chosen based on their extensive knowledge and empathy.

A higher score, faster

When you work with a best-in-class tutor, you can look forward to a score boost.

The most resources, all tied together

Never run out of prep, and always know what to focus on next for faster success.

Meet some of our SAT tutors

Boris Dvorkin

As a 10-year Kaplan tutor and 2-time Teacher of the Year, Boris has helped thousands of students get into their top-choice schools.

Stephanie Jolly

As a premier Kaplan tutor, Stephanie stresses hard work and accountability. She fosters a learning environment built on openness and trust.

Greg Mitchell

Greg has been a Kaplan tutor for over 8 years. He lives to help students master efficiency—and learn how to think like the test.

Nzinga Mack

Nzinga is a veteran tutor who has helped thousands of students succeed. She keeps them engaged with her energy and thorough explanations.

Get the best tutoring, where it's most convenient

We match each student to the right tutor for them. Students can meet with their tutor in person or live online, working together face-to-face with digital tools and notes.

Stay engaged and accountable

Tutors provide all the resources that students could possibly need—and keep them on track with consistent, 1-on-1 guidance and support.

Tutoring highlights

  • 10, 20, or 40 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring
  • 4 full-length practice tests with score analysis
  • 2 prep books and access to on-demand practice questions
  • A full complimentary Live Online or In Person course

Our approach

Step 1: Evaluation

We gather info from you about your academic background, study style, and goals.

Step 2: Match

Once we understand your needs, we select the tutor who is the best fit.

Step 3: A custom plan

Each tutor creates a study plan to fit each individual student's needs and schedule.

Get matched with a tutor CALL 1-800-527-8378

The best guarantee is one you won’t need. But you get it anyway.

Score higher, or get your money back.

Tutoring not for you? Check these out.

In Person

Prep in a teacher-led class near you

Starting at $699 $899 | Save $ 200 , use code: SUNNY200
Live Online

Livestream a class with our top teachers

Starting at $599 $899 | Save $ 300 , use code: SUNNY300
Unlimited Prep

Take as many classes as you want through December of your senior year

Starting at $1299 $1599 | Save $ 300 , use code: SUNNY300